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May 5, 2007
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Did anyone list the price of the VIP sale last wkend?? How was the sale??? Any good deals??? Pics please
Prices were very low $300 and up, the highest miniature went for a b/w bred mare for $1400.00, roughly 63 horses and 20ish were no sales. We didn't buy/sell anything we just met our trainer from Dawns Chase Farm there to pick up our ASPC/AMHR Michigan bred mare that we purchased a few months ago that was waiting to come to Pa and for him to take a ASPC/AMHR gelding to his place to train for halter and driving.

Nice sale for buyers, not for sellers, nice quality horses and no junk was there for sure. Scott hauled a few horses for a lady that needed transporting and the sale was very well run and professionally handled and the food was great that was provided for the sellers and buyers also.

Scott saw some of our friends there, Cindy, Ruth, Bruce, Billy E and Franny from "E Training Center" located in York Springs and a few others as well, and had time to chat as well.
That is ashme. With 20 no sales that has to hurt. I am glad it was ran well and professional. I know they would do what they could to make it nice. Ugh!!! These prices.

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