Very proud of our horses' first couple shows for the year!

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Maple Hollow Farm

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Dec 1, 2008
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Dysart, IA
Our first two shows have been very fun and successful with our horses placing extremely well! Most were just pulled from pasture and have had no conditioning or sweating!

Little Kings Remmington (HOF) placed Sr Champion Stallion and GRAND Champion Stallion at the first show and was Res Sr Champion at the second one, he was bored and fell asleep by the time we got to the champion classes, the judge even commented to me that he was done showing that day LOL!!! Poor guy, I wore him out! :p

Maple Hollows Rems Sheza Golddigger placed seconds in her first class as a yearling and went on to be Res Jr Champion Mare

Maple Hollows Rems Sophistication placed first and second in her first show and was Res Jr Champion Mare then went on to her second show to get Res Jr Champion again plus Res GRAND Champion Mare!

Maple Hollows Rems Dream Girl also got a Res Jr Champion Mare and Res GRAND Champion Mare title!!!

And I also was the only entries for get of sire and produce of dam but had lots of fun showcasing my breeding program!

Mom also had some great shows with her kids:

Maple Hollows Magics Red Rebel was Res Jr Champion Stallion

Maple Hollows Magic Woman was Sr Champion and Res Sr Champion Mare and also place GRAND Champion Mare

Maple Hollows Magical Mist was Sr Champion and Res Sr Champion Mare








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Congratulations! They look great, hard to believe they were just pulled from pasture and cleaned up. Well done!
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Big congrats! A good horse doesn't need much done to it so I can believe when you say they were basically pulled from pasture and placed like they did yes. LOVE LOVE LOVE Remmie!
Thanks guys and yes Debbie, a good feeding program also helps a lot! Rem is only one grand and some points away from his Silver HOF in halter! I think he needs 12 points for his liberty HOF but he tried to breed the decorations at the first show so didnt place well, there was a really cute black wooden cutout that he thought was a really pretty mare LOL!
They all look amazing Melinda, congratulations on everyones efforts and to you for all your hard work
OMG that's hilarious!! I don't login on my tablet but saw your last post here last night and busted out laughing...husband wanted to know what's so funny LOL he even got a good laugh out of that one.

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