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Jul 17, 2015
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Richmond... but which one?!?
Hello everyone! I want to thank you all again for your suggestions in my other board First Time Clipping. I ended up giving her another once over with the clippers last Wednesday and I'm very glad I did. She looked so fantastic, she froze in the morning, but looked good. The judge complemented me on her haircut and said she was impressed I took the time to clip her (so thanks again guys!)

I entered two classes with her: 3 Year Old Mare Halter, and Pony Showmanship. We placed 2nd in halter after a cute Palomino QH mare. The judge came to me before she turned in her placings and told me how darling my little mare is and that the only thing that kept her from winning over the other was that her hocks catch a little at the trot (which I already knew) but she really liked her and thinks she's put together very well. We went back in for the Grand and Reserve champ class, but didn't place. A very beautiful Morgan mare got Reserve and a DARLING QH filly won.

Pony Showmanship was... interesting
It said all ages... so after I asked and made sure I could, I entered. Well... there was 4 in the class, I was older than everyone by at least 14 years (I'm 23) haha sooooo we won, and I felt a little bad (I didn't feel as bad when the girl who got second behind me went and won showmanship in her age group). BUT Little Miss May performed passed my expectations. She set up ok, but she held still for me which is what I was worried about and she gave me a BEAUTIFUL pivot which we had only been practicing for a couple days.

She was a hit with everyone, especially the little ones, and so fun to handle. I'm so looking forward to taking her to more shows!

Here are the only pictures we got... my husband was in charge of taking a lot for my mother because she couldn't make it until later, but he didn't really take any.

Mom took these when she finally showed up. ^^^

My sister was kind enough to take this one ^^^ This was the showmanship line up.

Hubby's picture. Of course I'm bent over
^^^ this was in halter while we were lining up.
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Congratulations!! She looks fabulous! your hard work sure paid off. I'm glad you had such a positive experience, the judge telling you what she did was great encouragement for a job well done. ...ps love your shirt.
Thanks a bunch guys! She was so much fun. This show usually has harness and driving classes (usually a lot of drafts though), so hopefully next year we can enter those. She is ground driving wonderfully so far.

And thanks about the shirt, my mother makes all my show clothes. I have pants, boots, and a belt that are that same blue, but sadly, the pants don't fit me any more. Thank heavens for stretchy shirts though! :D

OH there was also a gal there who told me about a pony show circuit and I'm waiting for more information from her. It was a great day.
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AWESOME! CONGRATULATIONS on your placements, and especially for having so much fun and enjoying your first show with her so much! She looks really good! (you both do!)

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