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Nov 20, 2004
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I just received this link from fellow miniature horse breeders. I thought I would share it with everyone.

West Nile Vaccine
Did you see what Date those posts were? 2 Years ago~! Most of these are from that other Foal group about WNV and that was proven bogus~! I would not put much in these that are that old. Things happen ALL the time to horses even before Any WNV was even around JMO
I had a two headed calf born, must have been the dry cow treatment I used. This statement is as accurate as this study. Animals have been born with birth defect who have never even had tetanus shots. Trying to blame them on WNV based on a non scientific study serves only one thing. There will be some owners who will believe it (it was on the internet so it must be true) and not provide protection to their horses. They will pay the price of either a huge vet bill for treatment or a dead horse because the symptoms were not recognized in time to save the animal. IMO studies based on heresy and innuendos should be used as wallpaper in closets. As far as Fort Dodge not taking their phone calls any longer I would`t take their call either. People who will not listen to reason or fact cannot be dealt with as reasonable people. Would any of you people take their calls if all they wanted was for you to agree that their vaccine caused this and that to happen to their horses. If they feel that strongly they should hire a lawyer and take their proof to a court of law and settle the matter rather than spread all this drivel .
I agree BUT, if enough problems occur with a human medication, it is immediately pulled from the shelf. If people don't report any problems that may be associated with a product, others continue to use is blindly. We had some foaling problems happen after giving the vaccine and that had NEVER happened before and have not happened since. Each person uses the vaccine and everything else at their own risk. But this is how warning labels are made. I don't feel it should be discarded because it's two years old or because it's on the internet. Everyone takes it how they want to take it and you make the best decisions you can. I just know what I have seen and heard from other breeders. It's a touchy subject and I just thought I would share it.
We will not be giving the WNV vaccine here. I have problems with my breeding program that I have not had before and I want to see if it is the vaccine. They will get their other shots though.
We give WNV with no ill effects to ALL our horses, large or small.

A couple of years ago in KY alot of abortions and birth defects were blamed on WNV, but when it came down to it after the research, a CATERPILLAR species was to blame.

It all has to be taken with a grain of salt.....

Another couple of things that everyone really should remember:

1-- No vaccine is ever 100% safe, nore is it always 100% effective. ANY animal at ANY time can react to it. You vaccinate because in the majority of cases the vaccine will save the animal's life if the animal does contract the illness. So each time you give a vaccine, there is ALWAYS a small risk. Doesn't matter if it is horses or humans.

2-- When was the vaccine given??? One should never give a vaccine during the first trimester as that is the time that most of the birth defects in fetuses happen. This is all too often not said to horse owners, and I know of many who have vaccinated during this time and been ok. But still, I go out of my way to avoid doing any medicating during that critical first trimester.

And there have been some issues with some horses from the WNV vaccine. But then again, I had a year 2 years ago where the standard vaccines caused every horse I own to be lame for over a week! Yep, 100% of my horses reacted and later I found out that it was due to the carrier that the vaccine was suspended in not being quite right. The WNV was not even given at the same time as I wanted to be very sure how my horses reacted to the WNV vaccine. If I had vaccinated for WNV, you can bet that I would have blamed it as I had never used it before. It turned out that there were manufacturing issues with my batch of vaccine and they were all supposed to have been pulled and returned to the manufacturer. So did these people who had supposed issues vaccinate for all things at one time and the issues were really from the regular vaccines and not the WNV vaccine????

Finally, there are some things that really are linked to certain products made by certain company, and people have had to fight tooth and nail to get it noted that there were issues with these products. If the drug company had been more proactive in not discounting the customer's concerns, then many of these claims would not be posted all over the internet. It is funny, but it is pretty much one company that everyone is always complaining about.... Moxidectin comes to mind and not only does it bother minis and mini owners were told there was no basis to make those claims on (I had my mares abort within 24 hours of administering it at proper dosage for my horse's weight!), but their formula for dogs was recalled as it was killing dogs. So who can really blame people for not trusting the original WNV vaccination and blaming it on that vaccination and the company that manufactures it. Doesn't make it right, but well, the track record hasn't been to great for that certain company either.

With that said, I have used that certain company in the past, and will use them again if I can't find another vaccine to use. I feel it is a very personal choice and that I would rather risk the side effects than to leave my horses totally unprotected.
I agree completely with Nila on this!

I have used WNV on bred mares with no side effects whatsoever. And at various times during the PG's too.

This was the first year I have given WNV (Ft. Dodge) to my horses. I did not give the vaccine to mares I believed to be p.g. I did have a mare I was certain was not pregnant. She received two WNV shots (inital, and booster) in early pregnancy. Finally, I realized she was p.g. Needless to say, I was scared to death after everything I had read. Fortunately, everything went smoothly, and we now have a beautiful, healthy, palomino filly. I still wouldn't knowingly give the vaccine to my p.g. mares--just in my opinion.
While I agree that yes perhaps the problems arent this widespread due to the vaccine it would be equally as foolish to think there is NO truth to this as it would be believe it is 100 percent true.

There are different reactions some are for lack of a better term acceptable meaning site soreness and lameness type of thing and then there are other much more serious reactions that shouldnt be again for lack of a better term "acceptable"

I am so glad that many of you have not had any reactions but please remember that it doesnt mean that serious reactions (more then stated above) dont exisit it i just that you havent experienced them. to those that have had them they could just as easily discount your experience of NO problems.

We have to all remember that our factual experience doesnt mean it is everyone's experience.

I have had 3 vets now while it cant be proven agree that yes it is very very likely that the WNV did cause a late term abortion in a mare. They are now advising there clients to not give it to mares in there last trimester since it is possible they can abort and of course late term abortions are most dangerous to mares then early on.

All of that said I did choose to vaccinate my herd however.. that doesnt mean that i turn a blind eye to what "could" happen

sorry to get a bit crabby but i have heard this before and so many say it hasnt happened to me so it just isnt true.. yet tell that to the people it has happened to be it WNV or anything else
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I remember when this website first came out - people were looking at it and wondering what it was all about.

I really do wish I remembered where I read this, but there were some "credible" websites that were referencing this site as a hoax, as misinforming, and not based on research/facts.

As we've discussed repeatedly, giving WNV vaccine is a personal choice but I think it's important to read the research from recognizable sources.
Giving any vaccine has risks.....just like giving medications also carry risks......

My own personal family experience with the MMR vaccine could leave one wondering if it is worth the risk......

I was vaccinated and yet I still got a case of measles as a sister was never vaccinated as a child because she was deathly allergic to egg's and the doctors didn't think it was worth the youngest son GOT the measles from the vaccine based on this I could say that vaccine is dangerous and not safe......

Penecillin can kill if you are allergic to it so then is penecillin dangerous? well it all depends and animals can also have these types of allergies ...

The biggest problem I see with WNV is that ONLY now has it been used in a large enough population of animals to determine exactly what side effects and efficiency it offers.
runamuk said:
Giving any vaccine has risks.....just like giving medications also carry risks......The biggest problem I see with WNV is that ONLY now has it been used in a large enough population of animals to determine exactly what side effects and efficiency it offers.


And the biggest issue with that is as soon as you suggest that it might be a side effect from the vaccine so many are quick to say nope didnt happen to me so cant be
And on the flip side, I believe that if there are any health issues/fetal issues that occur within the same time frame as to when the shot was given, there is an immediate assumption that the vaccine MUST have caused it, which of course, is not necessarily the case either.
Oh no i agree liz and again i do vaccinate my horses but for example ID was a test state the local equine hosptial here was a test site.

I had a reaction the first year not severe but all there legs (only 2 horses) swelled up to like 4 times there normal size they had a temp and were very lethargic these were the only 2 horses vaccinated had the reaction within 14 hours and no other horses got them. I told them well actually called to make sure it was a "normal" reaction and was told NOPE cant happen wasnt the vaccine NO WAY.. well I knew it was in my gut and again not a big deal wasnt tragic but I was frustrated that they gave the shots and were unwilling to even consider it could be a reaction. the next year someone else did it and come to find out that yes this is a for lack of a better term common and accpetable reaction and has been from the get go yet this "test" site was totally unwilling to even listen let alone think it could be from the vaccine.

I think there are those quick to jump on either side - everyone has to do what is best for them and IMO the truth lies somewhere in the middle of both sides

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