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Joanna Cooke

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Mar 8, 2020
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Redfield, KS
BB4F8C56-1F25-4AA9-9C10-BCD665E7B4D9.jpeg 400B467F-5115-4285-B47C-2C92628E6E96.jpeg I am going to be getting a mare here pretty soon! She is from the same lady that sold me Buddy. The only reason that I didn’t get both at the same time is because the owner was not willing to give me the mare for free at the time. Now she is! The mare (I decided to name her Maggie) is black and VERY people wary. She will definitely be a challenge. There’s more though!;) Maggie is an excellent mom and has had quite a few foals I believe. She is also pregnant right now! The owner messaged me recently, and said that her bag is full and her teats have waxed over. So she is due in the next few days! I’m a little upset that I won’t be able to see the birth and the foal right away but I will get both of them after she has recovered and baby’s nursing good. I’m super excited to be getting those two and can’t wait to see them!!:D Here’s a very recent picture of Maggie, as well as a picture of Buddy with his new hairdo:p. My other update was that Buddy is doing good, and lovin’ life! His training has slowed a bit, as I realized that he really needed some good time to get to know my family (me especially). I am going to let him be a horse for a while before I might try digging back into training. He’s got SO much hair that gets in his face all the time, so I decided to help him out a bit. He loves it.:D Thanks for reading!

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