Update on Willy the blind mini!

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Nov 30, 2002
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[SIZE=14pt]Tuesday, Ginny of Blue Ridge Miniatures brought Willy to our place! Willy made the trip without any problems at all! We had a great time with Ginny! And Susan & Earl also came up from Tiny Mite Village in Ga. But, I'll let Susan tell her story! We all played with the horses and they got to meet Angel and Chubby and all our horses! We had some great food also! Here's a few pics of Wanalynn meeting Willy![/SIZE]

Ginny introduces Willy to Wanalynn!


[SIZE=14pt]Wanalynn has a new man, for sure! [/SIZE]

We had a wonderful time at Bill and Wanalynn's place. Angel and Chubby are the most precious things. And that Willy is just gorgeous.....along with all the other minis at their place. Of course I got to see Ginny again which is why I went, I bought a little mare from Ginny named Bitsy and I also got Bitsy's foal Pippa who is a minimal expression dwarf. She is the sweetest thing. Ever so loving both of them........We all had a wonderful visit........and a great meal....with awesome banana bread.......

I will have to get Bill to post some pics for me I can not figure out how to do it......
I am so glad that you posted these pictures! Willy is such a handsome horse and well, it makes my heart jump with joy over how happy you are to have him!

Thank you both!
Oh those are wonderful pics. Looks like Wanalynn is definitely in love.
Awwww well if thats not heartwarming I don't know what is!!! Wanalyn, good luck with the new little "man" in your life!
Awww Bill, it made me so very happy to bring Willy to his new Forever Home. If I had ordered it up special, I couldn't have found a better home than yours.

I wish all adoptions were as easy as this one. LOL Thank you Bill and Wannalyn for opening your hearts and home to Willy. He is a great deserving guy.

I had a great time at your farm and of course, LOVED your minis. Some day, I'm going to buy that blk & wht mare....... Thanks again for your hospitality, food and your moms Bananna Bread.

Ginny StP
"CONGRATULATIONS!" Wannalyn on the new little man at your house. He is so lucky to have you and Bill to take over his care!

What a gorgeous little guy!!

I think that you and Bill are just the BEST!!!!! Even though I have never met you, I can feel the love and caring that you have for your animals.

Hugs to your special little guys, "Angel," "Chubby" and now little "Willy!"
Bill & Wannalyn-

Guess Dave and I will have to come visit again during our next trip to NC. We were lucky enough to meet you both and wonderful Angel & Chubby not too long ago, now we have to come meet Willy. Congrats - he is beautiful and you are super to give him a home. The very best of luck and lots of good times with him.


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