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Nov 30, 2002
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I just wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that we have just received e-mail from Allison Elrod at AMHA that the Bradford's and seven remaining horses have been found and are doing OK. She said that the horses have been given fresh water and food now and today, they will be sending a trailer to get the horses out and possibly the Bradford's three children.

AMHA has been overwhelmed with calls at the office and at our President Bob Kane's home with concerned members and non-members and everyone has really stepped up and answered their call for help. Strangers have also become heros in this story and the compassion from so many has been incredible.

Many people have opened their homes and barns to displaced people and animals, we have had many offers through our AMHA office and Board of Directors e-mail of people willing to go to any lengths to help others in need.

I would personally like to thank our AMHA office staff for their dedication and heartfelt efforts to ensure that the Bradford's and others receive the help in which they needed. A special thanks to Mike Roseauer, who himself has been directly effected by this storm, but took the time and personal risk to get feed to the proper people to deliver it to the Bradford's.

This truely is a bright light in all of the saddness and devestation, Americans are compassionate and caring. Thank you everyone for your efforts, members of AMHA and non-members, we all need to come together at this time and do what we can for our extended families.

Thanks again, we will continue to get help where it is needed.


Erin Haddad

AMHA Director Region 2

That is wonderful news!!!
Tears of absolute joy here! May you all be blessed, keep safe.
Thank you Erin....hearing good news is a very welcome thing to read this morning.
Slowly, but surely....we are starting to hear of miracles that are happening here & there in the midst of this tragedy. The whole country (as well as some others) are responding with money, prayers & volunteers to help. As sad and tragic as this all is....it sure warms my heart to see such a flood of compassion from so many willing to help.
That is great news. I have to admit I like the line. "they will be sending a trailer to get the horses out and possibly the Bradford's three children. "

but that is great
Erin, thank you for this report.

Honestly, I'm not surprised at the outpouring of helping hands.......Americans and mini owners especially are #1 folks!

I'm going to copy this report and send to people who have been asking us about the status of the Bradford's and their horses.

Thanks for the wonderful news!! I am so proud of our kind ,generous people that can and will get things DONE when a crisis strikes.

Bless everyone involved .
That's a great update, and I was glad to read it last night.

Thanks, Erin, for keeping us informed.

Liz M.

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