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Aug 20, 2003
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Just got a call from the vet that examined Missy last week. She is suggesting

that her estrogens are low enough to go ahead and give her a

Prostaglandon (sp) shot. She wants to watch her for a few hours after in case of

any side effects. ie sweating, mild colic etc.

She feels Missy is too small to survive a pregnancy. We have an appointment

on Wednesday at 9am for the shot. Judy and I will stay with her the time she is in the hospital so she won't be alone. She is adapting fairly well, but is still very wary of people. Judy turned her out last week to graze with her 2 friends and finally was able to not have her on a lead. This is a major milestone for this little one as she is very flighty.
Oh my... How very sad that they allowed Missy to get in foal. Definately not good. Sometimes the shot is the only thing one can do to save the mare, especially when they are a dwarf.

Please let us know how it goes. At the very least she will probably get to sweating very badly.... Your vet is correct to keep an eye on Missy

And bless your hearts for taking such great care of her!
How sweet of ya'll to stay with her so she will not be alone, I know that will make her feel more comfortable to go thru it with someone there that she knows.

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