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Lisa-Ruff N Tuff Minis

Well of course they are getting the same kinda off again on again care- pen hasnt been cleaned in almost a year ICK but the one mare is finally bagging up again i can only look from my side of the fence which means she has to be in the perfect position and stay there (they are people shy) but she has a nice size bag on her which is good i was worried there grass they let them out on a bit during the summer for a few hours was fescue. Her bag looked to be pretty tight so she should be foaling very soon - if not already i havent been outside yet waiting for it to get light out. The down side to that is of course the weather havent been above freezing for quite a while and expecting snow all weekend- Runamuck keeps reminding me hey the cows are calfing right now in the same conditions so i guess we can hope... will keep you updated..


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Dec 1, 2002
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Lisa I admit I wouldn't want to be in your situation. However there seems to be this unwritten rule that protects fools so as I said she will probably foal on her own and all will be well because her owner is ignorant and foolish.

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