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Jan 9, 2004
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Shawnee, Oklahoma
I wanted to say thank you so much for the prayers and support for Angel. She is still very very sick. There have been several blood tests run but so far they haven't been able to pinpoint exactly what is going on.

The vet that is our regular vet and very good is pretty sure that she has WNV. He told me that the treatment she is currently on is what she would need for WNV. He is keeping her hydrated and her kidneys are working. She was nibbling a little bit of grain and was drinking water this evening.

She is staggering like she is drunk, very listless, and just so sick.

Her filly is with her and is doing fine. They are keeping a close eye on her too. The filly is keeping all entertained.

He did tell me that since she had her WNV shots, she would probably make it even if it is WNV.

Once again, thank you all. It is nice to know that there are other people who care and who know how scarey it is when a much loved horse is seriously ill.

Mary, in my experience with WNV, horses that have made it this far generally survive. Glad to hear she is hanging in there!
Sorry to hear your girl is still so ill! Hoping for a speedy recovery!

Bless her sweet heart...Hopefully she will hang in there and show more improvement by morning.
I so sorry she is sick..but glad she's doing better...the mosquitoes are so bad here ..I have to spray mine down every nite....keep us posted...

Continueing prayers for your Angel. Sorry she is so sick. I am glad her baby is with her so she does not stress out.

Ohh I hope it keeps going up hill from here! Good luck and give your sweet girl a hug for me!
Thanks for the update! I have been praying and hoping that she will get better quickly! Unfortunately here in Idaho(near Boise), they just diagnosed 4 more horses with it. Mine have been vaccinated, so hopefully that will help to keep all healthy.

And yep, those foals certainly do wonders to make those vets fall in love with minis. Our vet has a Shire in at the clinic, and when Copper was there they wanted to get a picture of the two of them together. It would have been so cute if they could have done so. But still, the vets are always so taken with the little guys.
I'm glad to hear she's doing a little better... how terrifying for all of you.

Could someone help educate me here? From what you're saying, she still got WNV even though she was vaccinated? What is the effectiveness (%) of the WNV vaccine (obviously not 100%).
Could someone help educate me here? From what you're saying, she still got WNV even though she was vaccinated? What is the effectiveness (%) of the WNV vaccine (obviously not 100%). 
No vaccine is 100% effective. In the event an animal contracts a disease it's been vaccinated for, the symptoms are usually less severe.
Oh Mary, I didn't realize you had one so sick! My heart goes out to you!

I will keep your Angel and her baby in my prayers.

Please let us know how she is doing wehn you have the time.

Mary, I hope your Angel continues to improve.

WNV was very bad here in 2002 (not many equine cases since) but out of those I never heard of one that started out looking like colic. However, Wednesday morning our weanling filly got quite sick with colic. Wednesday night I was watching her, & my gut feeling was she has WNV. Yesterday for awhile she seemed to be all better, but last night she got worse again. I started thinking WNV again, but kept telling myself I'm paranoid; then I read this thread late last night & saw your mare's diagnosis had changed from twisted gut to WNV. Vet just left our filly--he treated her for colic, but didn't seem to think her colic is quite typical. He also drew blood & one of the tests he'll have done is WNV. (Our filly is also vaccinated. )

Prayers for Angel!

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