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Sep 17, 2006
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brandon, ms

us STOP unwanted telemarketers.How do we do that.

We have one who calls everyday several times a day. :arg!
We don't answer the phone if we don't know who is calling. We do have caller id. I figure they will leave a message if they are a legitimate caller.
I have try not answer but they will keep calling
First, I am registered on the No call list. Second, if one does call, I tell them that, and tell them they are committing a felony, and if they call back I will report them. (I don't know if that is true about committing a felony or not, but I usually hear a click by the time I finish the sentence.) If all else fails, I just don't say a word, just hang up. Good Luck!

Oh, I used to feel rude not listening to them, but after all it is my telephone, I am paying the bill, and it is not their right to disturb me. You wouldn't let them in your house would you?
What I find helps is say yes, just a minute and put the phone down, and walk away, do what ever I was doing and than you will hear, the peeping noise when they finally realize you are not coming back
oops they hung up, darn....
You can sign up online for the do not call list. They HAVE to honor it. May take a couple weeks and then you will get no more calls

I can't stand them! Gosh they are always trying to sell me gutters or something. Repair Amercia or something like that is the biggest pain that called me non stop. And those stupid robots that say "Stay on the line for an important message" I hate those and others that act like they are your new friend, "Hi I"m john with great news>......" grrrrrrrrr

Call your local phone company.

I just got on the do not call list. They gave me two numbers to call to register.

For some it takes 30 days to kick in. Others, it takes 60 days.

If you owe money though, you cannot stop the bill collectors from calling you. I think it does not apply to bill collectors but not sure on that.
The do not call list does not cost a thing, and you can put your cell #'s on there too. It's amazing how few calls I get now from idiots wanting to sell something....
Marty: What's going on in Washington?

Hillary's winning???
We're on the "Do Not Call List"........have been since it first started. They STILL CALL!

We also tell them we are on the list........AND THEY STILL CALL! How do you report them when their phone number doesn't show up? (Some do, some don't.)
I changed our phone number to a private number and all the annoying telemarketers stopped!
I am bad.
I tell them I can't talk right now but if he/she will give me their home number I can call them back around midnight when I am finished with all my chores. They usually hang up on me.

Marty: What's going on in Washington?

Hillary's winning???
You must be using a different news source than I do
She lost the Washington State primary and at this point looks very unlikely to be having a "win" to put her in Washington, DC full time
I love the credit card telemarketers. I thank them for calling me and tell them to send me a card asap because since the bankruptcy, no one else would give me one. They usually hang up pretty fast and mark my name off the list.

And no I haven't filed bankruptcy.

Then there are the ones that call because of me being a sr citizen. I ask them if they could call me back in about 20 years, I will be one by then.

Selling me something? I just bought that a month ago.

All others especially those that use your first name, they have the wrong number.
I am on the do not call list but occasionally one will sneak through...I tell them all sorts of things...that I have no job and am eating catfood right now...will they accept payments?? Do they charge a fee for bounced checks??? I make up all kinds of off the wall stuff and they usually hang up on me. It's actually kind of fun...I enjoy it...maybe I should put myself on the DO CALL list...I love pulling their leg! I do feel sorry for these people sometime (they are only trying to make a living) but I never let it show and give them a hard time.
I simply just pick up the phone and ask to talk to a supervisor. I tell them that my computer keeps a running list of numbers, dates and times and if they call me one more time I will prosecute...........That usually does it.

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