Trying to track down Hoppes Lonesome Doves Bodacious and Lucky Fours Endless Love!

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Aug 25, 2012
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I am tracking down my mini's lineage and am finding it really exciting! Unfortunately, I am unable to find anything on two of his close relatives so I was wondering if anyone has heard or knows anything about them, sharing would be awesome! Foremost is his dam, Hoppes Lonesome Doves Bodacious. I have provided two pictures of her-- all I know is my mini's breeder (located in Northeast Ohio) sold her early to mid 2008. She was in foal with my mini's full sibling at the time, so it would be doubly awesome to find out what she's been up to!



The other is my little guy's paternal grand-dam.
Her name is Lucky Four Endless Love and I have not found one shred of info on her, though searches have come with quite a bunch of babies out of her.

So if you know anything at all, I'd really appreciate you sharing. Thanks!

Does anyone have any ideas of how else I can try tracking them down?

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