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  1. Pallas

    Transporting weanling mini?

    I’m going to be picking up a new 4 mo old mini in a couple weeks and am wondering if she’ll be big enough to balance in my full-size 2 horse bumper pull trailer? This will be her first trailer ride, it’s about two hour drive. She’ll be the only one in the trailer. I’ve hauled my yearling mini...
  2. charlottein

    Trailering a cart

    Turns out my cart won’t fit in my trailer unless I go to the trouble to take the seat off. So I am looking at options for carrying it on the back of the trailer. I would love to see pictures, if your setup as the only threads I found were very old and had broken pictures/links. My trailer won’t...
  3. bunni1900

    Transport and Shipping Questions

    Thought I would start this topic as I know I have questions and thought others might too! I will start with shipping boots. Does anyone use them while shipping or hauling? In what circumstances do you use them? And what brand/type do you recommend? THANKS!