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Does your bridle have slots on the crown piece (between the ears) for an overcheck to fit through? Some bridles don't have them so I would check that out before you order an over check. Just thought I would mention this to maybe save you some aggravation. I ordered one once and found out after the fact that it didn't work with the bridle I had :confused: so I had to get a new bridle. And the bit you are using needs to have room on the ring for the overcheck to attatch. Bits like liverpools and butterfly bits don't have the room because of the way the rings are made that the cheek pieces hook on to. You should have no problem if you use a snaffle or mullen mouth snaffle.
As far as adjusting the overcheck, I keep mine loose. Looser than you would see in the showring. I have it adjusted just tight enough so they can't get their nose to the grass. It's a good idea to keep it loose the first few times you use it anyways so they don't feel suddenly restricted or claustrophobic by the new sensation.
I bet your gelding is fun to drive if he used to be a roadster!
Thanks Marcia! With my current bridle the only possibility is to attach a side check if I got some roger rings so I would need to spring for a new bridle. I led her around yesterday and worked on standing, adding time in increments. No attempt at grass snatching. If her attention started to wander I scuffed my boot or slapped my leg which brought her attention back to me and what we were doing, so she never attempted to move off. Working on the stand sure requires a lot of patience on our part too, so I sympathize with my horses since I've never been one to stand around myself!

I'll need to let this digest to see if maybe I should just keep working on a lead line with standing and some desensitizing between drives. I do put her in the round pen once or twice a week for about 10-12 minutes total changing directions every 2 minutes and asking for changes in gait. I have to say that this is the one thing that has made the most difference in her accepting me as her leader as she had spent her life up until now pushing everyone around. I think she is actually more content.

I have to put training on hold for a couple of days, have out of town guests coming to stay for the weekend. A friend I haven't seen in about 15 years! I used to have one of the most well kept homes around until I got horses! Now I have 3 levels of cleaning. There is outside grilling and eating guests. Inside dining guests and then overnight guests...which means q-tip cleaning the corners of the baseboards.

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