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We have blue jays at home too. They too stay the winter. Like you, we don't feed them in the summer, but just put the feeder back up. One of the jays seems to be stock piling, the other eats and eats! I understand it's to be a mild winter. I'm glad! As long as we get moisture this year... last year was pretty minimal for snow fall. Made for great driving with the littles throughout the winter, but made people really nervous for hay.
Flicker showed up. What a handsome bird! We have zillions of meadow larks in the fields, but first time one showed up at the bird bath. And the little mouse reflected in the water was interesting.


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Haven't had the trail camera up for several weeks. Laziness. But something is working havoc in the flower pots and beds--eating the buds and actually digging up whole plants. At first we thought it was deer, and part of the damage could be from them. But the hole digging had to be a different varmint. It is an opossum. He will have to go. It's been very dry lately and I know the bird bath is bound to be a draw for wildlife. Why can't they just come up, get a drink, and move on?? He particularly likes begonias, mandevilla, and hibisus flowers/plants.
Just had the camera up for the last 24 hours. Cardinal pairs, cowbird, a small sparrowish, the swallows.


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