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The yard is deer headquarters. This guy has been coming through.
Have not seen the coyote again, though when I took our puppy out early one morning, she was in the middle of her business when he barked right from the back yard. She didn't finish but dashed for the house. How did she know that was a predator?


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The little table on the porch became a problem. I keep garden tools in the left drawer. Mice have decided the right drawer is "for rent". After finding nests in the drawer several times--made up of things mice should not be gnawing--we set traps. One in the drawer and on the floor by the table. One time we found the drawer open, trap and mouse gone. Think we see the culprit. With the lighted wreath, the night time photos are not clear. Pepper checks out the traps, but she is not interested in a mouse that doesn't move.


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Moved the trail camera back to the bird feeder. Wow, is it a busy place on these balmy days. Here are two birds I wonder. I think the one might be Mrs Robin, but the breast seems too speckled. The other is the little yellow guy. I may have asked about him before. I need to go back and label the pictures.
And then there is Billy the Yak stopping by.


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American Robin in the second picture is correct! The yellow bird in the first picture is an American Goldfinch. The gray bird next to it looks to be a Dark-Eyed Junco based off size and color.
Spotted Towhee, most likely a winter resident or passing through.
Thank you. I labeled it.
Yesterday the area around the bird bath was totally excavated. Very annoying. It is a wild/native area but I still don't like it torn up. The camera showed a gigantic armadillo at midnight. And deer pausing to drink.
Some lovely photos. Mr Bunting and Mrs Bunting; I thought one was interesting with the sunlight. And a little mouse at night.


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