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Nov 30, 2002
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First let me say that in recent past we have had some young people by that I mean less than 21 creating some havoc here on the lil beginnings board. It had made me hesitant to do business with anyone under 30! I took a shot tho on a very lovely 19 year old who is doing her own training business large and small horses and trying to build a quality small mini herd. I talked to Lacy on the phone and expressed my concern because in her e mails she sounded young.... nothing to worry about there. Speaking with her dad today she is a very industrious and reliable young lady and he is obviously proud of her!So........

Thank you Lacy Johnson Sparta TN for allowing us to have this beautiful mare Tiny Hammers Sillouette 5 year old AMHR and we hope you enjoy having little Brown Sugar as part of your 32 and under herd. Im sure she will be in love with your little pinto stallion next year!


Sillouette has been bred to Lacys little stallion and she will be bred to Uno after she foals next spring.

Thanks again Lacy from Double L Miniatures.

[SIZE=13pt]Great post, Lyn, and what a gorgeous mare!!!!!!!![/SIZE]

It's too bad that there are not more "young" people like Erica Killion and James Walsh, but then they are exceptional people period, regardless of age.
Call me a die-hard optimist, but I believe that the bad apples we've come up against are the exception rather than the rule. There are just as many adults that we need to watch out for.

That said, congratulations, lyn, and kudos for tooting Lacy's horn and helping to restore everyone's confidence. Is she a LB member? If not, I hope you encourage her to come aboard!
[SIZE=14pt]Im not sure if she comes to the forum but I found her add for this mare a couple of months ago..... We started talking....she incicated she wanted to get smaller horses which is why she was selling Sillouette. I offered her a trade and she took it! Sugar was just too small for my stallions and Sillouette was too tall for her progam being 36 inches. Just right for my 37 inch stallion! The thing I felt my horses were lacking in was their heads and Silly has a head to die for! Even with her teeth bumps you can see how arabian she really is![/SIZE]

That's a really neat story.....Being just 16 myself I have to say to those of you "iffy" people that we aren't all that bad!
I do my best with the horses and have all the same goals as everybody else as well as grandparents that really support me. They have a lot of trust in me and I do all of the selling, BUYING, breeding, and I even foal out mares (I got to save a red birth foal this year!!). I really love the minis and try to be kind and courteous to others as well as honest. Congrats on your new mare! She is very pretty!
I know the focus of this post was intended to be on the hard work of the young girl towards her farm and training; my argument was more entitled for the back porch.-H
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What a beautiful mare!! It's so nice to hear that there are young people interested and working with Miniatures.
Great post Lyn!
Like anything else in life, the "bad apples" do tend to get most of the attention. Noone seems to notice all the good things kids do.

We have some wonderful youth involved here on the Forum
, and we should give them the accolades they deserve.
I too must defend the younger generation here. I myself turned 22 in January. I just bought my first mini in Mid July. I made my first payment on him two weeks later as agreed with the seller. I take very good care of him. I don't think the younger generation should be judged by those few bad apples that like to ruin things. Lets remember that there is people like that at all ages, not just the younger generations. I think you need to meet a person and judge them individually, not judge them on their age or what generation they are.
Good luck on your new trade. Hope both partys will be happy.

I know of Lacy. She is very close to me here in my neck of the woods. Just a hop skip down the road a few miles.
another thing is that chances are you are not gonna find many young people that have more then a few horses. Most have to work for there own horses and do not have mommy and daddys help, or they are not/do not come from a rich family.
Dona said:
Noone seems to notice all the good things kids do.  


can i say my mom? shes been in the barn all here life... & she is never happy with anything i do or try... all i am to her is "here big let down in life, not what she dreamed of.. how she dis-likes me bc i left a bucket out..
" My whole family(horse people of all types & on all side) are proud of me & I have done great, i trained a TB to lunge, ride english & western after not being ridden in 17 years... a QH to go english & western lunge, & jump... Midnight to jump, lunge, halter, drive, do tricks be ridden... billy to do tricks, be ridden, halter, lunge, jump & traching him to drive now... & joy to walk, trot, stop, stand, set up, walk over bridges & bags... I have trained many horses... but still I'm not good enoph for my mom
she used to show at my age all the time... now i want to go to 1 or2... & shows are the dumest things to do... wast time... teach nothing
o-well... she 1 person, I'll just look to my others for help with my goals

congrats Lyn, now do you see, not all yoth are bad or careless! many are great, so i think you shounld not judge all because a few people are rude

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Ashley said:
another thing is that chances are you are not gonna find many young people that have more then a few horses.  Most have to work for there own horses and do not have mommy and daddys help, or they are not/do not come from a rich family.

And I am one of those that has to work for my horses! Youth might not be as smart as adults, and have there downtimes, but any kid has the potential, and after all, we are going to be the next generation of miniature horse owners/breeders/trainers/showers! Dont you want us to know all we can know about minis?


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