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We have 13" of snow and 50 mph winds right now. Much wind damage around us. Will not let up until sometime tomorrow morning.
We're OK. BAD wind late Weds night, knocked some branches down. Of course the biggest one hit the horse trailer.... :DOH! Nice dent in the roof big it didn't break a hole in it.

All the beasties are good, though!

Its starting to get nasty up here in ohio to, we are under a tornado watch and its getting pretty ugly out right now. Just ran out and put the horses in, of course the day we have a weather advisory, no one wants to play catch me if you can.

We were lucky and dodged the bullet on this one. I know the storms wreaked havoc north and east of us.

Sun shiny, 72 degrees, light breeze.

We're not in the states mention but Wisconsin had a little wind yesterday too!

We have temps headed into the low 50s today and back down to the 30s tomorrow. But this morning I opened the barn door to find the run-in shed in our dry lot had been blown over. This is no little thing. It's framed out with wood 4x4s and is about 16' x16' x8'. We're still trying to figure out how we're going to "right it" without having to take down fencing or get a second tractor.

Sure glad we didn't have anyone "outside" last night.
No serious problem in my little corner of Oklahoma. Our power was off for a couple of hours on Wednesday night, so something was down somewhere near by, but nothing at our place. We have had plenty of rain. Praise the Lord the drought is over (and has been for more than a year now). After two long years of terrible drought, I am not about ready to complain about the rain. I do feel for those who have experienced damaging storms though.
I live in northcentral Arkansas, haven't had any damage here, but surrounding areas all across Arkansas are devastated by tornadoes and flooding. Looking on the news in the evening is terrible to watch, water up in all the houses and schools. And those places that had already been hit by tornadoes earlier this spring must really be hurting.
Sending good thoughts their way and hopefully they can find the strength to keep going.
We dodged the bullet on storm damage also, but had 6 inches of rain Tuesday and Wednesday. About 1/2 inch Thursday. No structural damages, no animals injured thank the Good Lord!
Very high winds yesterday here in Norman. Sustained winds were 22-25mph with highest gust recorded in Norman at 57 mph. Rain total for the 2 days was over 4 inches at the house. Have some new wash areas but nothing too bad.
It's rumbling and grumbling here and Sophie is ready to blow up. I was hoping the storms would push her into labor but so far, she is just teasing. She was cast earlier, then just as I locked Lily up in her crate and started to head to the barn, she got up and peed. Now she is just standing there like a huge blimp.

The temp is 62 and getting ready to crash. Snow by sunday night!
Glad to hear everyone is doing ok despite the bad weather and weather changes that are happening all over!!
The storm that started in Abilene had produced a tornado in Palo Pinto County just squeeked by us to the north. Lots of lightening and winds. Heard the sirens go off in town.