Tiny Teacup Saves the day AGAIN!

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Nov 30, 2002
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I am shaking in my shoes. Do you all remember the story about my tiny nearly 28" bay pinto mare Teacup, who defended another mare from being brutally attacked by a young stallion?

Well!! Usually my babies are kept in the barn yard area, where the fence is all pvc but has 3 close together rails near the bottom and two more above that. Little foals can not get out and nothing can get in.

Only one other time in 23 years have we ever had a stray dog in the area(that I know of)

This am, I let all the mares and my only 2005 colt out to graze in the front where there is my new 3 rail PVC fence. I just came home from the hairdresser and went to check on the horses. Most of the mares were standing very close together in a far corner of the field. They were all really sweaty and breathing hard. At the other end of the field, my homozygous pinto mare, Misty, was racing back and forth, all sweaty and upset. She is the dam of the colt.

There was a large mutt trapping the 3 month old colt in the corner. It was obvious that this dog wanted to hurt the colt. Teacup was standing in front of the colt gaurding him. Everytime the dog would make a move, Teacup would move right along with him, keeping him away from the colt. She kept trying to chase the dog away! The colt was terrified and hiding in the corner, trapped there. The colt was soaked with sweat.

I tried to make a lot of noise but the dog wouldn't run. He was so focused on the colt! I ran to the barn and got a rake and was able to chase the dog away. Teacup was soaked and exhausted and so was the little colt. NO blood anywhere, no one seemed actually injured, all just shook up. I called animal control and I hope they find that dog!

My tiny Teacup is a hero again!!! I think without her, my colt would have been severely injured or maybe killed. What a good girl!!! She is the tiniest mare I have not quite 28". Normally she is shy, almost a little skiddish, and sadly not accepted well by the other mares, but she really came through again!!! God bless my brave little Teacup!
Awwww YAY Teacup! Give her some extra hugs today! That is one very good little girl

Thank God for Teacup! That little mare is worth her weight in GOLD! Give her a carrot for me!

I shudder to think
Thank the lord that your minis were alright. I hope they find the dog and so it will never bother your horses again.

Seems like dogs are just getting out of hand lately. I have a few in my area that I would like to SSS. But they haven't come in my yard as yet. Theres a pit up the road that I worry about as he is running free and so I keep mr smith and wesson handy just incase!

Again I am so glad your minis are alright. Poor baby must have been scared to death. What a good Mom he has.

Robin, little Teacup needs a Medal !!!!!!! That is just precious how she defends her herd. She certainly is worth her weight in gold and give her some hugs from me too. I think you need to write a book about her.

Little TEACUP is definately worth her wieght in gold, silver, & jewels! You are so very fortunate to have her to save your little guy! jennifer

Yea for Teacup!!! and so very glad that everyone is ok!!

Teacup might be your smallest mare but what a wonderful heart and brave horse. Give her a special hug. She really is a champion.
What a STAR!!!! We need a "hero of the month" to go with the Doofus award!!!
What a BRAVE little girl!
We could ALL use a little mare like her!
Oh my goodness, How scary!

What a clever little girl that Teacup, I love her name!!!! Post a pic of her, please!!!!!!

I am so shocked to hear of all these dog attacks?, my dogs and lots of neighbours dogs are loose at and around my yard and I have never had a problem, I worry about my hroses hurting my dogs because they have been bitten and kicked on many occasions?

So glad it turned out well for you.
Yay for Teacup!

I think there is some award given out yearly, to animals? Its like a bravery award or something.. I think if there is, Teacup DEFINETLY qualifies! What that little girl does for you and "her" herd is amazing.. She really deserves something!

Make sure to give her extra hugs, kisses, and lots of treats!!
Oh, I soooo glad this story had a very happy ending. Teacup is a hero and I second the suggestion for a "hero" of the month award and she should be first to get it!! It could be a "golden carrot" award/trophy filled with real carrots!!

Hug teacup and the others involved.
Robin, I remember your previous post about Teacup and how she protected the other mare.

Teacup truely has the heart of a [SIZE=14pt]LIONESS[/SIZE]! What a wonderful little girl, you must post some pictures of her. Thanks so much for sharing what could have been a horrible incident. Teacup deserves the Hero of the Month award!
What a wonderful little mare!!

If I were you, that's the last horse I'd ever sell--she is a keeper, beyond a doubt.

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