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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
She was a little hesitant, but loves him, notice she only has one arm so..can't wait to get in the cart with her. Also one of SHortcake and my husband and Buddy.( Buddy loves Carl) Maxine



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Awwww, the smile on her face says it all. She's a doll!! And you know what I think of Buddy, he's just gorgeous. Is she your granddaughter? She's so very adorable!
Beautiful. You should enter these pictures in the "what are they good for " contest
Gee! Thanks everyone..yes she is my grand daughter. We adopted her from South Korea..some know her story, but here it is again for those who don't..we were discouraged from adopting her from the doctors in Korea, they even sent videos showing her problems. She was born a "floppy baby" (severe Hypotonia) , also has Turners Syndrome and of course her missing lower arm/

well MY daughter has Turners Syndrome too, and had already adopted two american babies at birth who were both severe ADD etc. (boys)They are now 15 and 16.

But because she was already 14mos old and at three they are put in an institution deemed unadoptable, my daughter and husband said they want her! $15,000 later and 4 months time we greeted her in Chicago and brought her home. They said she will never sit up, roll over or walk..might be retarded.

WELL! She walked at 2, talks up a storm, can run climb and play and has already been pushed out of preschool one class up.! SHE is now 4 yrs old. We are thrilled and it was worth it all!

Just realized I should have put this part on back porch so if you look there I will show you another great picture taken yesterday in our lake..we live on a lake.

Watch her grow, she's gonna be a winner
4-H of course, are there any classes for handicapped? Are you allowed a sidewalker?
I love your stories Maxine and love the pics of your horses also. When your Husband has a horse you can just feel the sweet love. Your grandgirl is just wonderful. That smile could lite up the world.

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