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Sunseri Farms

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Jul 12, 2005
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No has ever experienced the level of destruction of a Cat 5 Hurricane. Katrina affected more States & parishes than anyother catas.


The local Goverment.

The State Gover.

The Federal.

The Pres himself.

The people.

It's over! A new plan needs to be done for all Sates & People & Pets.

Its clear things doesn't or isn't working. The new command is getting things done that should have been done a long time ago.

Gov. of la. was handed a screwed up state and was trying to clean up. Much to do! Politics I don't thik it can be done.

Mayor of the City to much corruption. Big clean up needs to be do though the Mayor is doing better than the last one.

To many crooks and hands in the pot.

The pres. he is to wishy washy wants things his way only. Makessome wrong decisions but who doesn't

We are only human! We make mistakes and are not perfect.

What has come of this?

People reaching out ot others. Black, white, hispanic, all people coming together.

PLeasing to God and to me.

Any state would have no been prepared for this monster. This should open eyes to all that no matter what you can't be that prepared. no one can be in total control.

Mother nature has her own way.

We all need to stop the finger pointing nad get on with the healing, living all for the better. I do know that what ever I can do to help and make a difference I will.

I bring the linemen towles, shampoo,wash clothes, soap, personal items. Arranged for hot food. Everyday I offer to clean their clothes.

I cook for the neighbors that don't have. I have a travel trailer in my yard and 2 families with me.

I work with others to bring supplies to other parishes that has less.

It's not a me thing I want to do my part.

New Orleans is not the only ones hurt by this strom. Mississippi was totally wiped out. Alabama was hit hard to . Florida took another hit to and maybe again before the season ends.

Lessons learned. Who will learn & who will not. Remember it can happen to you.

I have felt the pain & still feel it for others.

Blessing in all tragedy.

Thank you for letting me air my feelings.

Bless all of you for your help, your prayers, your kind words.

It amazes me of all the people that really have a heart!

Gods in the healing business here.


Especially this very important point to take heed in...

Blessing in all tragedy.

Because therein lies the healing that makes the ability to form in strength from it all...and the very reason for the "smile" that remains within... no matter what.

"Hope"...brings forth future.
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Thank you for posting that, Joyce. Wonderful perspective.

{{HUGS}} and Blessings to you,


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