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Feb 3, 2005
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Just a note of thanks to all those who wrote about Seramune a few days back. I read your thread and ordered my bottle. Just in time! We had a foal this past weekend that just could not figure out how to nurse for more than 24 hours. We gave Seramune as soon as we realized there was going to be a problem and we now have a healthy foal. I was totally unaware of this product until I read about it here. Thanks for all the great information shared here!
Congratulations on your helathy foal!



p.s. how much seramune did you give? And how big is the foal?
I missed the topic on Seramune and tried to find it on "Search" to no avail.

Could you refresh me?

Glad to hear you saved the baby
I am happy it worked for you!!! I'm one who ordered it and used it on both my foals...

However, one filly I used it on (tubed so I know it got in) still needed 2 plasma transfusions. She is a fireball now at 1.5 weeks old and doing very well, but 75ml of seramune was NOT enough to give her sufficient immunity (and she is a very petite / fine boned filly to mature around 30" -- on the small end of mini foals).

With our colt, I felt like it gave him a great boost and got him up and nursing soon, but I know now first hand that at 1/4 a bottle, you cannot count on it giving a mini foal enough IgG / Immunity to replace or greatly supplement colostrum.

Based on my experience, it is not something I'll have on hand for next foaling season.
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I think this stuff gives a false sense of security which is why I posted on the earlier thread that studies had shown that this stuff does not give enough immunity to foals if they have failure to transfer. But I was kinda flamed for saying it.
I do think it can give a foal more energy but so does a tube of foal response or fast track which is only 10.00
The Seramune I gave was 1/4 bottle. It seemed to give our foal enough "umph" to stay up and continue to try and nurse. He did finally latch on and once he did, he was just fine. But I am sure without that extra something it gave him, he would have just been exhausted and given up. The mare had plenty of milk and was actually drowning him like a faucet when he would get under her. But he just was so slow in getting the "latching" on thing under control. I also give Foal Response and that usually gives them a boost to get up and nurse a lot. If the mare had not had milk, then we would have had to go a different direction I am sure, but I do think this extra boost for our baby was just the right thing.

PS I will post pics soon. I was so busy getting the foal to settle, I totally forgot my camera!!
YAY! So glad it worked!! There is soooo much useful information to be found on this forum! I am glad it was so helpful, not only to you, but to the many others that read it!
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Suzie, did you do the IgG test on your foal? If he didn't nurse for 24 hours and had only the Seramune, unless he's had the IgG test & his levels are known to be good, I wouldn't count him as "safe" just yet if she is only 4 or 5 days old.

Perhaps you were milking the mare & feeding the foal that way? In that case he would have gotten the colostrum as well as the seramune. I've just had too many people tell me that the Seramune is great for a supplement, but not enough on its own if the foal doesn't get any colostrum.
Can someone till me where I can buy some Seramune and some spongebio, would like to get some on hand.
I bought Seramune from:

However, like I said, my filly did not get all of what she needed from the Seramune and w/o the two plasma transfusions the vet gave her, she would not have made it. SO, I know from first hand and big vet bills that the Seramune is not sufficient to insure immunity passive transfer. If it were, my filly would not have needed the plasma.
We did milk the mare some along before and after the Seramune. He was nursing fine within 12 hours of birth and seems to be totally fine. Our vet is out of town so we were on our own for this one. We used Seramune as an adjunct, not as a total replacement. As with anything, it is better for them to get mom's milk/colostrum. In our case, it just helped our foal. We got ours from Every situation is different and safer to err on the side of caution I feel too.

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