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Aug 20, 2003
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This is one of the colts that she is bringing to Nationals. If this works, she can post more info about him.

I just think he's gorgeous, don't you?
when she's done with him she can send him up here.
Is either one a Prince baby?

They are both beautiful!

Liz M.
MY OH MY!!!!!!!!!!! More than awesome horses. Stacy's been holding out on me, hiding those two creatures. That dark colt, is so refined and look at the neck and head on that thing. And the palomino is delectible. Both should end up doing wonderful at Nationals. Are you talking about R or A Nationals?

The gray and white colt in my avatar, is MOUNTAIN MEADOWS BEY ARISTOCRAT, aka ""RISTA"", that I got from MOUNTAIN MEADOWS. He is the most awesome mover, and is a paternal brother to CLICK MINI'S stallion in her avatar.

Stacy Score breeds the most wonderful horses, with beauty and movement. She is a delight to do business with and doesn't forget you after the sale!

Way to go, Stacy!
Thanks Amy, Thanks Ann, Liz that colt is a Prince colt from a Tymer daughter.

Now if I can just figure out how to get my messages to send when I post I think I will be in business!

they look great cant wait to meet them (and you) in person at Nationals


Can I please get the second horse, buy the second horse, have the second horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well add us to the list of new and happy owners of a Mountain Meadows horse... Yippee!! We weren't really shopping and Stacy definitely wasn't trying to breed for an appaloosa but here she is... appy spots and all (which she probably gets from her intensely Orion bred sire). Stacy has been wonderful to work with and we are so excited. We are hoping to show this little girl in the shorty classes... :)

I hope Stacy doesn't mind me posting this pic to show off another horse that she bred. You should see this filly's attitude... LOL. This filly is out of one of her Bey Masquerade daughters and sired by a 27.5" World Reserve Grand Champion Sr. Stallion.


Love those Mountain Meadows horses!!!

Ginny Long
Ginny, you are gonna just love that filly, she is so beautiful! She will be a great asset to your appaloosa breeding program, that is for sure! Can't wait to see what you get out of her in the years to come.
I want to hear how you ended up with the Palomino god that starts this thread!? Amy, Stac...someone spill the beans.
I didn't know they came in vanilla...


What a sweetie. Love her little rump. All those cute little dots. I definitely want to get a look at her at the shows. Don't forget to post when and where you are taking her.


I am soooo jealous!
You live too close and get to see all the babies all the time. How's Flirty doing today?


Va Lynda Ann

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