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Sep 14, 2016
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I de-wormed my 5-6 month old mini 10/19 (17 days ago) with Ivermectin Gold and he is still passing tapeworms in his manure! How long with this keep happening? What should my next steps be?

He is a rescue from a kill pen and I don't have any background on him.

Thank you!!

Sounds like he has a really nasty tapeworm "load". I would worm him again with Ivermectin Gold at 4 weeks, and again 4 weeks later. After that I think it would be safe to go to a normal worming schedule. Make sure you clean up the manure so he doesn't re-infect himself.

I once bought a filly - 10 months old - that had never been wormed and was in a "bad" setting. It was October, and because of her worm load, she had no winter hair...which in Wisconsin is not a good thing. I wormed her with ivermectin but just a half dose because a full dose would have the potential to release all of them, and that could kill her. She passed very little manure but it was LOADED with bots. I had never seen anything like it. 2 weeks later I gave her a half dose again...with the same result. Another 2 weeks and she received another half dose. This time there were no bots. I body clipped the "pig hair" she had for a coat and her winter hair then grew in.
Are you sure it is tape worms and not round worms? I wouldn't freak out. It's gross, but you will get it under control. Usually another dose is prescribed about 2 weeks after the first dose.

You might ask your vet about the 5 day power pack. Not sure about weanlings.
I just assumed they were tape worms, but not certain. Sorry to gross anyone out, but I'll post a picture.

He initially passed the skinny red worms and bots then these longer 2-3" worms started. He'll have kind of a loser stool with them in for a day or so then go back to normal stool for a day or two and then the loser stool with these. Today is day 17 since he was dewormed.

I texted my vet and she said give hm a single dose of panacur. Do you all agree? I like my vet, but she is more of a livestock vet than equine.


Not tapeworms, taped worms are flat and segmented.

Probably a strongyle of some sort. Ivermectin should take care of them, but you may need to do a 5 day as well.

speaking of which my babies are due for a deworming (probably a little past due), time for a rodeo.
Those look like round worms of some sort to me. Many people like panacur or safegard (fenbendazole) for them. A full single dose may not fully eradicate them and it could kill too many at once and make him very sick due to the toxins released by dieing worms. As already suggested, a multi dose treatment may be in order. I believe it is called the power pack.
Agreed not tape worm. I use Equimax or Panacur. I worm with Ivermectin in the spring/fall and Equimax or Panacur in summer/winter. Just be sure that you DO NOT overdose when using these. Make sure you know what your minis weigh.
Those are ascarids (roundworms)--very common in weanlings and even yearlings.

When I get one with a heavy infestation I deworm again in a month (2 weeks in some cases) with ivermectin. Some areas have ivermectin resistance in ascarids and vets will say to use Strongid. I have not found any such resistance and still get good results with ivermectin.
Now that I see the pics, I agree that these aren't tapeworms. I have done the 5 double doses of Panacur or SafeGuard (same active ingredient) with great success for those. Don't worry...they are safe with at least 10 times the recommended dose. It will get rid of the encysted ones.
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