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  1. Z

    Want to take a guess on if shes pregnant?

    Want to take a guess on if she is pregnant? Was put in stud may 31st for 2 weeks that's all I know I bought her at auction in June vet did papalation exam in August and was told open. However ibe been keeping an eye on her and seems to me that her bag is getting bigger? Picture of her bag...
  2. M

    Help save fred!!!

    Hi! Please share this if you can! So I Found this sweet boy at an auction that a friend of mine is going to today (6/4/22) and she's going to try to save him! We need some extra support to pay off his auction price so please donate so Fred can have a new life! We need donations and anything...
  3. little rodeo

    Starved yearling.

    This little guy is nothing but bones. I started him on good quality grass hay, mini feed, and alfalfa pellets. We just picked him up today from a rescue. His coat is like a woolly mammoths. Should I clip him? Should I feed him differently? I’ve had tons of horses but this is my first mini. We...
  4. Carmen

    My 5 minis and I say hello!

    Hello everybody! Thank you for having this great forum in which we new miniature horse owners can learn and find very helpful information and advice. I guess my story is just another one of someone loving horses during their entire life and not becoming able to have the time, the resources and...
  5. Tala

    Introduction, Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and new to the mini world. A few weeks ago we rescued a pony out of the kill pens at an auction and now we just rescued a mini too. They gave us his registration application, photos of him as a baby and he is incredibly sweet. Sometimes I wonder if people who send...
  6. JulieMe


    I de-wormed my 5-6 month old mini 10/19 (17 days ago) with Ivermectin Gold and he is still passing tapeworms in his manure! How long with this keep happening? What should my next steps be? He is a rescue from a kill pen and I don't have any background on him. Thank you!! Julie
  7. JulieMe

    Weanling Rescue Advice

    Hello! I am new here and need a quick crash course in miniature weanling care 101. Today I rescued a approx 5 month old weanling colt from a nearby kill lot that got in over 20 minis headed for slaughter. I have experience with big horses, but not one this tiny or this young. I feed my 7...
  8. miss_ruby

    colour/markings question?

    I bought a 4/5 year old mare a few months ago, and she was a rescue so I don't have much background information on her, for example her parents which would help with this colour situation. When I bought her she still had her winter coat so these lighter markings did not show. However since her...
  9. Merogsrha

    Down to One

    Some of you may remember my post on here not to long ago about the two rescued mini's I took i, Rusty and Cookie. After a few weeks of working with them, I decided it was best (and safest) to find Rusty a more knowledgable owner to calm his "attitude". I have ran into difficulty working around...
  10. Merogsrha

    Intro to two new rescues and myself

    Hello Everyone! I'd like to introduce myself as a new member of the forums, and a happy new owner of two rescued Miniature Horses! My name is Jess, and I first became involved with horses in my young teens. I owned riding horses up until my senior year in high school when I "left" the horse...
  11. Chaos Ranch

    Can someone please help me save the horses... please...

    I have not been on here in a long time, and I hate it that I have to come on here with a situation like this. But I also hate it that I do not know where else to turn, or who can...or who will help. I am going to try to make my very long story as short as I can. If you need me to explain more...