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Dec 5, 2002
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Lets see your tackrooms! I'm looking for ideas of how to set up a new tack room and a new feed room, mainly organizational ideas. Though I do have a riding horse, I also have a lot of tack for my minis as well and would eventually like to get another cart. What ideas would be helpful for miniature horse tack? I'm interested in how everyone has things set up, handy items, theft prevention, time saving tips, cart storage etc etc. Pics would be appreciated. THANKS!
Thanks for posting this topic. I need ideas too.

My present tack/feed room is a 14 X 18 solid oak garden shed. It was in the backyard when we moved here, so Jerry hauled it up on skids with his big old Massey Furgeson tractor (it took 3 days it was so heavy), and set it up on blocks next to my stalls.

Since it is not rat or critter proof I have had to keep all my things in Rubbermaid containers. I have plastic shelves that can be adjusted to the right height for them and a lot of them are stacked on there. The other ones that I don't use often are just stacked up against the wall. It's criminal!

I have my feed cans lined up on the opposite wall with a little wooden table where I can mix my feed easily and dip it up.

I stack my hay along the back wall. I have a wooden floor but I put a wallboard down on it to be sure that moisture doesn't rise up from the ground and wreck my hay. Then I have a double row of pallets going across. I can fit the bails 5 high and 35 across. Then I have another row, in front of that so I can store about 70 bails of hay.


The new barn tack room will be fully enclosed and insullated and have a counter with a deep sink, hot/cold where I can dip up my feed and mix it. My feed cans will fit under the counter. I have some cabinets that will be mounted on the walls and I will have lots and lots of shelving so that I won't have to keep things in Rubbermaids anymore. It will have stairs that lead up to the loft so I can easily have access to things in storage up there. A separate stall will be used for hay storage which will give me more room in the tack room. I have hooks where I will display halters and lead ropes as well. My double k's will be mounted on the wall in there too near the doorway by the electric socket so I won't have to set them up everytime I want to clip. There is a very tiny apartment size refridgerator for vaccinations and my pepsi.

I wonder what year this will be built
Ours isn't too bad, but its stuffed full of everything from harnesses to saddles to blankets to leg wraps to grooming stuff....and its only about 10X10 or 12X12.

There was a GORGEOUS one in the barn at the Young Driver's Camp, however. They had about 6-8 harness hooks and racks, each one designed to hold the harness parts so that they hung neatly and wouldn't get moldy, then they had a large sink and counter, with harness cleaning supplies underneath. There was also a chair and some hooks with ropes and misc...and a bathroom! Their grooming supplies were on a cart(like the ones the hotel maids use?) that stayed in the aisle when horses were being worked a lot. They also had harness hooks by the barn doors for harnessing up.
Well, here's a pix not so much IN the feed/tack room, but a pix of the inside of the barn with the feed/tack room in the middle. I designed our new barn that way, so the area is convenient to EITHER end of the barn, not all the way down one end. It's 12 x 12 & holds feed bins, cleaning tools (forks etc), wheel barrels, trash cans, hooks for halters, leads, etc..

On the close inside wall you can't see, are two shelves about 12 feet by 18 inches or so to hold all my Mane & Tail etc. On the lower shelf I have plastic bins I got from a dollar store that holds in one bin, brushes; in another bathing tools; in another hoof trimming stuff etc.

The gate is great to keep horses from getting into stuff they shouldn't, even if a horse should escape from its stall. Also when it's shut, I have total control of who's where & they can't run out.

It's a good wide area to walk through with the wheelbarrels etc., lining the walls. I bet you could fit a cart in there too, if need be. Anyway, I love it & it's probably the best idea I've had in years! Happy building!

My tackroom isnt done, mostly because the system I want is rather expensive and I cant get off my cheap arse to order it LOL Right now everything is moveable, from tack boxes to saddle racks to feed bins. If $ were no object there is a metal rack system that looks wonderfull, cant think of who sells it The rack hangs on the wall and you get accessories for it, be they bins or bridle racks etc Guess its all in what you want, wood, metal, prefab or do it yourself
My husband built us a tack shed, it's 8'x12' fully enclosed. I'll have to try to remember to get a picture of the inside of it.

The side opposite the door has six saddle racks. The side to the right when you enter has a shelf the whole length, about 12" down from the ceiling; also has store-bought metal bridle racks below the shelf. There is a shelf just below the window on that side as well. (my husband thought I was nuts when I put some "curtains" over the window - wanted to keep direct sunlight off of the leather tack - but wanted the light before we added electricity). Unfortunately, behind the door is the calf warmer; I wish it wasn't in the tack shed, but we raise cattle and it's very easy to heat the 8x12' shed compared to the barn (no bedding in the tack shed, so less fire hazard also).

So far, in three years there have been no mice in the tack shed. We store absolutely no feed in the tack shed; just a tube of probios and nutri-drench during calving.

That is a NICE barn. It looks so well set up for minis. How big is it? Is it wood with a metal roof? How tall is it?I love It!
Thanks for the complilment. I dunno how tall the barn is......I'd guess at the peak, maybe 20-25 feet. It's overall shape i(inside) is like a capital "H" with the feed/tack area being the crossbar in the H.

It has a metal roof & is about 40 x 60 roughly. There are six stalls, 12 x 8; then a stallion stall (with higher sides & doors) that's about 8 x 10. That stall opens directly into the run-in area -- my other best idea ever. The horses love the run in and so do I.

Around the other side of the H is the "leg" of the H where we keep hay & straw. Again, horses can't get it. After our fire, I'll not have a loft again if possible. This design doesn't require me to CLIMB or THROW stuff to a lower level. What a blessing at my ripe old age! There's a double door on that side too that allows us to unload stuff easily into the hay area or into the feed/tack room.

Here's a pix of that from the outside.


We also have big doors at both ends of the main hall. here's a pix. Oh, I just realized that shows the shelves too. As usual, more info than anyone would want!! Sorry!

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One of the smartest things I did was have a door put in the back of my tackroom as I knew I would be putting in a washroom. I made the washroom longer than I needed and put the rubbermaid shelves at the back and stored all my blankets and misc. stuff in plastic boxes and labeled them. It freed up a lot of room, easy to clean dust off of and made things easy to find. When I had the big horses I took a 2x4 and nailed cat food cans on it for a bridle rack.

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