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Nov 12, 2007
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Hockley, Texas
I really want to watch this movie, but am turned off by the rating.

Is it just a few gross parts or is it all the way through the movie ?

Any other squeamish people watching this ?
Its a Tim Burton Film. Most of his stuff is on the grosser side. I haven't seen it myself yet but I've heard great things. Then again all my friends are into the darker stuff like Tim Burton.

Personally I'd suggest someone interested in that movie to rent and watch the Broadway taping that has Angela Langsbury first.

If you like that one then watch the movie.

It is pretty gruesome but by seeing the musical 1st you'll sort of know when to squint.
I've seen the stage version, so I'm thinking the killings should all be pretty easy to spot and not look.

I have the dvd sitting here, have watched the making of and see some of the throat splitting stuff.

Is that as bad as it gets? So many of the reviews talk about people walking out from the gore. I'm not a horror slasher fan.

I love Steven Sondheim and Johnny Depp.

I can usually get my sister to pre-watch for me and tell me when not to look, but she doesn't like musicals.
I don't watch horror films myself.

Went to the theater to see this one and yeah its very much more bloody and gruesome.

Made me wince a lil... but in all honesty some of "the drop" sequences are almost comical.
I was so excited to see it and it was so disgusing and gross. I dont think I would recommend anyone renting. Ughhh. I love Johnny Depp but not in that movie.
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They have actually created a scholastic version of Sweeney Todd. Saw the premiere of it done by a local professional theatre group. They were all teens. Sondheim worked with them and theymade it palatable for High School Production. We enjoyed it.
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I watched it for the first time yesterday. It's definitely a Tim Burton film, it's a little more gory than I suspected it was going to be. I enjoyed the movie but I'm a HUGE fan of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton! I guess I don't think there's much more gore than the throat slashing... and I don't think that's even that bad but I will say that kids under 13 or 14 should NOT watch it with you.
I'm a huge Sweeney Todd fan!!!!

Seen the movie 3 times, and 2 different stage productions, one being just last week at the Ahmanson Theater.

I like the movie better than the live performance for several reasons. One is the music is worlds better in the film, the singing is better, and I do love the cast.
It has a few gross parts in the beginning and then the actual killings are way bloodier. Our school drama department was joking about how half their budget must have been on fake blood. Then we agreed no, half their budget was fake blood for the last scene.

I didn't have any problems watching it myself, the actual throat slashings are not really that bad, and they're short anyways so you can look away.

Anyways I love it!!!!
I ended up watching it. It's a really good version of Sweeny Todd.

It's more bloody than gross. Could be the meat pie concept than people are calling gross.

A lot of blood at the end, Burton went overboard during the one song when he just slashing one and the other.

Not a movie than I'll watch over and over, but I'm glad I watched it once.

Thanks for all the input from everybody.

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