Sunny's Visit with the Farrier

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Dec 2, 2002
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Norman, Oklahoma
Sunny had a visit from the farrier Saturday for a much needed pedicure. He does have a small degree of founder but it not serious. The farrier would have liked to have removed more of his heels but said he did not want to take a chance of quicking him that might cause another founder eposide.

A lady stopped by to look at the horses and has fallen in love with Sunny and would like to adopt him once he is gelded
. She is willing to do what ever CMHR requires and she just lives right around the corner from me.

I have downloaded the adoption request for her and will give it to her when she comes to visit him again in a day or two.

Sunny is becoming the most wonderful little man and he is just lapping up the attention. Will get photos sent to Kay (I PROMISE) and will include a before/after shot of his feet.


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