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Dec 1, 2002
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Sunday night a car went through one of our fences and ended up on its roof around midnight. When the police arrived the occupant(s) of the car had disappeared. The police called me and after inspecting the damage (the car took out two wooden posts and flattened four t-posts and broke all six strands of barbed wire, hit two small trees and ended up down below our dam. Had they not hit one of the trees, it looks like they might have ended in the bottom of our pond! Thank goodness they went through the fence where they did because another fifty yards and they would have hit our PVC fencing. Anyway, I went to the barn and got some panels to close the gap for the night. The pasture that they hit is our stallion pasture so today I spent about three hours repairing the damage. I took my camera to document the damage and while I was there the studs came around and since they will be spliting up to go into "breeding mode", I decided to take a few pictures.

I won't post all of them here, but a few of them and will post a few more here: Stud Pasture.




Wow I can't believe they just walk or probably ran away.Their vehicle must have suffered some great damage.

It's a bummer they took out the trees, your guys look like they are on top of it inspecting the damage.
On another hand I enjoyed seeing your boys, I really like that appy
Glad everyone was ok, horses I mean

It was nice to see your boys...
Oh please take down the barbed wire fencing!! It is so dangerous to horses, big and little. Barbed wire was NEVER ment to be livestock fencing. Hotwire or tape and your existing posts with a nice fencer will work better.

so sorry for what happen. I am so glad everyone is okay.

thank God the Studs didn't get out

great photos of the studs.
Oh please take down the barbed wire fencing!! It is so dangerous to horses, big and little. Barbed wire was NEVER ment to be livestock fencing. Hotwire or tape and your existing posts with a nice fencer will work better.
Thank you for your suggestion. We have 200 acres and would love for you to pay for replacing the parts that need replacing if you are philanthropic. I personally can't afford it. I have only had horses for sixty years and have had a horse cut on barbed wire twice in that time. I, like you, would prefer no barbed wire, but have to live with some things that I don't prefer.
I'm sorry about your fence. The pics of the studs are great though. Beautiful heads in the last photo; I'd love to know who they each are.
Sorry about the accident...I, too, am happy no horses were injured...the idiots in the car deserve little sympathy!

But now I need to know...who's who in the photos?
Sorry about your fence! Glad nobody got hurt.

Wonderful boys!

They are not my horses so it won't be my paycheaque to the vet when another one of your horses gets cut. When I moved to my new place it had barbed wire and I removed it and replaced it with electric tape. Some of my areas still have barbed wire, but the horses don't have access to it. I'm slowly replacing it. I don't make very much, but every bit that I replace reduces the chance of a horrible scene and an huge vet bill. JM2C
Tony my first thought was Thank God none of the horses was injured when that idiot went through your fence. Unless the car was stolen I'm sure they'll find out who owns it.
If I am ever in Texas again I wanna come see and sit in the pasture with ALL the minis (course I will probably get run over)
and glad no one got hurt or out of the pasture!
Glad none of your horses got hurt or got out
That is just crazy! Last year our fence was within inches of getting taken out when a car was being chased by the cops and they pulled into our driveway too fast and lost control, went off the driveway and into a steep incline, our poor baby pine trees on the side almost died lol
Everyone was fine though.

Glad everyone was fine at your place as well some things just happen to make it interesting for us
Thank you for the extra info! I knew I liked American Dream, but now I see he also produced my favorite foal of yours last year (Hermione). What's he got cooking for this year?
i cant beleive the people just left
luckily, no horses were out in the pasture when it happened or you would probably have a few loose horses... all of your horses are ever so beautiful

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