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Dec 24, 2002
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What kind of additional fees do you have to pay to show at your state fair?

Ours charge fees for each horse shown. They have an office fee, AMHA fee, parking permit fee, additional exhibitor fee, stall fees (only 2 per stall and yes, you do have to put them somewhere). Then if your horse is only in 1 class, there is an additional fee for that.

It gets to the point you are paying more in fees than you are for the classes. It is a shame too because our horse shows are getting fewer and fewer exhibitors.

This year our fair is asking for not only your AMHA amateur card but also your membership card!
If you have the amateur card aren't you a member????? They also want a negative VS exam within 7 days of the show. Not such a big deal since it is contagious. It's just the horse can be examined one day and be clean and then have it the next day.

Our donkeys don't even get classes this year because I was the only donkey to show last year. The mules get a 1 day show that used to be a 2 day show. How are the city folk supposed to be introduced to our wonderful animals if we can't afford to show them or have no place to show!

Sorry, just venting a bit. Another reason I can't wait to leave this state and go where animals are appreciated.
[SIZE=14pt]Is your fair amha sanctioned? That makes a difference. Ours is World Class but also open to amha and amhr horses. Stall fee is 25 and you can put two in or show off your trailer for 5 dollars a horse. Class entry fees are 10 dollars per horse. No office fee. Only requirements are neg coggins and registered somewhere.[/SIZE]

Yes, it is AMHA sanctioned. BUT the fees apply to all horse shows. Even the mules have to pay the fees. Not the AMHA fees obviously but all the other fees.

Here is the run down for our show.

It is a 2 judge AMHA sanctioned show. The halter classes are $24 each horse. The performance is $30 each.

Stalls : $15 each

Tackroom: $15 each

Grounds Fee: $10/horse in one class only

Parking permit: $5/day per owner (includes 1 addmission, additional $10/day)

Additional exhibitor: $2/day

Office fees: $10/horse

If you have more than 1 or 2 horses you want to show......YIKES!

You aren't allowed to show from your trailer.
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Heck those fees sound very reasonable.. If you think they are not try to go and show in Arabian shows once and you will see what fees are like...Even our local shows even if they ar AQHA or AMHR that offer stalls they are 25 per day around here. heck 15 is a great price to pay for stals and those other fees are being charged lke that anyplace you show. With the price of electricity going up now like it has and gas prices for people to clean barns and do ring draging etc. Lookk for all fees going up as energy prices go shy high like they have been and getting worse as a barrel of oil today hit 65 a gal before backing off somewhat Yes Inflation is here and just wait till next year the fees for such things like this and also judges fees will be going even higher. this will hurt in people back pockets for sure.. Ouch

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