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Oct 2, 2004
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First of all my run in shed won't be back up till spring (huricane winds blew it down
- yes reminents from one of the biggies cam all the way up here LOL)

Okay it is cold today and the 4 legged kids have been out for a few days and it just started raining - so I thought I'd bring them in. Big pony goes in great (hollars for the other 2), mini couldn't wait to get in - came in and rolled - Pri prances in as usual goes into her stall (with 4' doors) and as I turn to go I see the little stinker acting like she is trying to climb out
I tell her NO and push her back only for her to do it again - I closed the top door because I am scared she could get hung up - can donkeys climb or jump that high to get out?? She is about 30" now...

How can I deal with this??
Donkeys can jump, I've got 3. Try electrifying the top of your for a little bit. A couple shocks and she will quit, that's what we did with our guys. No hanging donkeys.
Any donkey we've ever had to seperate - young or old - simply hates it. They turn into total possesed freaks trying to get back to their buddies. Especially since your girl is quite young, that is making the problem worse. Is it possible to put her in a stall with the mini? We always try to keep ours in pairs.
Hmmm - I wondered that too. My mini does like her I just think feeding tim might be nuts but I think I have an idea as long as the big pony doesn't get mad ;)

My 3 stalls are enclosed in a 30x30ish area and if I leave stalls open they can meander around together with the big boy in his stall - I may try it once and see what happens...
is it working? I bet the little girl is lots happier if you decided to try it!
Ask me tomorrow ;) I have to go today to get my supplies to enclose 1/2 my barn for her and Willy to roam in. I leave them out when it is nice and from what you said I am sure she hates being alone
I will fix it today
After 4 long and cold hours of working in the barn (my feet are still numb LOL) I now have Willy and Pricilla together and I think she is happy but I think Willy likes his time away from that pesky little girl - too bad - LOL. The big pony also wants a piece of the "freedom" too bad for him too
Thanks for the info - I may bother you again if you don't mind
I'm glad it worked and feel free to ask away! I don't always check this board, so feel free just to email also.

It's cold there!!!??? Get to Wisconsin right now! It's 14 freaking degrees and a windchill below 0! brrrrrrrrrrrrrr......

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