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Aug 23, 2007
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Northern Nevada
My little Ellie needs to be body clipped as soon as I can get it done. So yesterday I gave her a bath. Walked her until she was dry and slipped the hood on and blanketed her because I didn't have time to clip her then. I was going to clip today but with the wind blowing like it is I am going to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, I went out about an hour after I put the hood on her and it was squishing her eyes out. I then pulled the stupid thing up to her ears. She got it down over her ears and was almost strangling with the darn thing. I was just trying to keep her clean until I could clip her. I will NEVER use another spandex hood. I am going to leave it out with a free sign on it at the show next month.
I have great success with hoods body suits etc... The most important thing is you need to make sure it is the right size for your mini and the more expensive ones are always 10X better than the cheaper ones. I've had them over the eyes as well in the past but I have learned how to buy and use them. I'm glad that your girl is ok and sorry that this happened to you
I agree with Jessica... the slinky hoods are something that DEFINITELY the quality makes all the difference.

I have seen lots of slinky hoods at the shows... the cheaper ones don't have as good a design (too small or misplaced eye holes that irritate the eyes), don't fit as well (with good velcro at the muzzle to keep the hood in place, etc.) and the material is more thin and flimsy that the horses will rip up in a second.

I recommend the slinky hoods from Star Lake Tack, those heavy duty ones always worked well for my horses overnight to be kept clean, all day at shows and Nationals, etc.


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