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Sep 9, 2003
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Well I have been receiving a lot of spam e-mails for my horses. Here are some examples.

I sure wish there was some way to catch these people.

Also has anyone e-mailed them back and asked them lots of questions, just to see what there response is? I have e-mailed one and even told them I was alerted that this was a spam and they still denied it.

Hello , please I would love to know if you still have this beautiful horse for sale . I am interested and ready to buy as soon as next week .Thanks . Eric .

I e-mailed this first one and ask him where he was located if he needed help with shipping and that I thought this was a scam. This is his reply.

Thank you so much for the email . I am very happy to hear that you still have this sweet horse . Well , I want this horse for my family and this is not a joke .

Well , I am buying it as a surprise gift for my family . We have 2 horses already but everyone wants to ride at the same time and have fun with these mules . So coming across your add wasn't a mistake at all.

I will love to have the horse as soon as this new week and I will make preparations for the pick up once I get in touch with a shipper . Please let me know your final asking price and also if payment by wire transfer would be good . That is the best option for me right now . Thank you .





Here is the second one. I was also alerted that this was a scam.


Hello, I am Kate Williams,I saw your ads for your horse for sale on dreamhorse,More about me,i am 35 years old,i lost my dad before i was born,I grew up with my uncle...I ve dream t to be a medical doctor but i liked my uncle\'s work been a humanitarian worker, as i really liked his work and beliefs,i started working with my uncle,going places,Helping people. I have been a humanitarian officer,usa called us { social Worker} .for the past few Years ,we have involved in projects that includes orphans,orphanages,heart related diseases in children between the ages of 4-10yrs . My uncle has a humanitarian organization {GRAND TRUST FUND} not a recognized one but we pray that it will,In God good grace I am interested in purchasing your lovely horse,i am located in Los Angeles California,i have learned all skills that with suit all horse and some other animals,i have a lovely barn were your horse will be staying,i will like to know your final asking price and also i will like to see some pictures of the horse.shipping will be handle by my personal shipper and i will be making payment with a check,the payment amount will be for the horse and my shipper pick up fee and as soon as you get the check cleared by your bank,i will forward you my shipper info to send the excess funds too,if you are interested,kindly get back to me with below information. Full Name----- Physical Address---- Cell Phone Number---- Home Phone Number---- Pls get back to me as soon as possible so we can start to make payment arrangement.if you are not interested don\'t bother to waste my time,because i am currently at a conference and i cant receive nor make calls. Regards, Kate.


Here is the third one.


Hello, I visit dreamhorse today and your horse was found for sale,i will like to know the condition of the horse, cos i really like the way the horse looks like and i believe is from good home that is why i have interest in purchasing the horse.,pls get back to me with the last asking price of the horse. Thanks, Anderson King.


Be on the look out for these scammers.

We just received one from that Kate Williams too! They need to find a REAL job!

Kate must REALLY want an animal as I got the same email on a donkey that had "sold" on the ad LOL
They must be getting your email addys off the website where you are advertising. I don't have any horses for sale anywhere and I'm not getting spam for sales. Maybe you could contact the places you place ads and see if they can filter some of these obvious spam responses out before they get sent to you. Not sure how but maybe giving you a mail box through them where the spammers don't get your personal email where they can filter out most of the spam.

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