Someone Stole My Filly Fairy!

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Aug 18, 2003
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Someone snuck in and stole my filly fairy on Tuesday night! I knew my lucky run of fillies had to end soon.

I was soo glad to be at the birth, it was my first RED BAG or placenta previa, when the placenta detaches prematurely and the foal is losing oxygen. After watching her all night and today because the her PH dropped last night, at 10:55pm I finally saw Frosty Chip's tail "pop" and she went down, and then what looked like some contractions so I went running to the barn. She was contracting so I hurriedly wrapped her tail, and then reached in to see check the presentation like I always do. It felt weird squishy instead of smooth and I couldn't distinguish if there were feet or not. I quickly pulled my hand out to check for blood like I just read on Monday in my foaling book, and sure enough I had blood on my hand, so reached in again to rip open the sac and out gushed the water. Then I felt two feet and a nose, so I started helping to pull! I knew I had to get the foal out quick. Poor Frosty Chip pushed like a trooper and I pulled so we got him delivered in about 10-12 minutes!

He is either a blanket or snowcap dark bay or seal brown appaloosa. He is very refined, my blankie was huge on him, so I had to dig out a dog sweater I bought at Goodwill ages ago when expecting my first Mini foal, and never used because I bought "proper" blanket. It fits him well, and the foal blanket fits better overtop. He was up and about within 20-30 minutes, and once he could coordinate those long legs he was running around the stall, I syringed him with milk a few times because Frosty Chip is uncomfy from cramping, and laying down a lot, but now at 1am he is searching to nurse on his own. I'm soo thankful I caught it early and I don't seem to have a dummy foal from lack of oxygen!!
He is approx 22" tall with a 7.5-8" cannon.

His sire is Romandaros Tender Heartbreaker, owned by Robin Good of Romandaro Miniatures. Tender is a black spotted blanket appaloosa, photos can be found on my website and on Thanks Robin for allowing me to purchase his dam Frosty Chip in foal!

Ironically I thought of a name as I was thinking about the impending birth and it fits perfectly after the events of his birth Crayonbox Almost A Heart Break, and his barn name will be Happy, he is very sweet so it fits well. :love
I am soo happy he is here, beautiful and colorful too! He is the icing on the cake, I've had a great foaling season and this is my last foal. He is supposed to be for sale, LOL

I do have one last mare here to foal out for a client and then I get to sleep again!

I will have his page on my website up soon with new pics, I'm still trying to catch up after two foalings in several days, both mares had me watch over 25 hours straight before they foaled.


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Don't know what happened to the second photo the first time around, I was sure I had put two on there. Oh well, added to add the one of him undressed. I need some more sleep! :DOH!
OOOO!!!!! *drool* He's absolutely stunning "naked"
I love those bay appies!! Still waiting on our two gals to pop :DOH!
Can't wait to see what color he is once he's dry!
Good grief! Congrats and glad you were there quickly to help him out!!! What a nice baby, will look forward to more pics!
Oooo, he is gorgeous!!!
Big congratulations and great save!

Congrats!!! on your Tender foal. You should be tickled pink with him. Robin has some really nice horses and a very nice well put together herd of them. She is one great lady and I have to thank her too cause she let me lease Bepettons Sirs Majectic this year.

Have fun with your new Tender foal. He sure is a dandy!

Oh, he is a handsome dream! So glad you were there for both of them! jennifer
very pretty appy colt... Should be a real neat color when shed... Congrats

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