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Oct 8, 2003
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Here are a few pics from this weekend's World Class Show. I was showing so I didn't take many pictures at all. Katy was awesome in obstacle. Sorry I wasn't on the right side of the arena for a front shot, but Katy has a cute rear-the horse, of course.


This is CD doing in his best class-unfortunately I don't have the stamina to run the course with him. This 11 year old did a great job with him, however.


I took Serenade along and let her do liberty. She did a great job but didn't place. I was proud of the way she has come back from her colic surgery and anemia back in the winter. She's a real surviver!

We had lots of fun, but we sure are tired! World Class is a wonderful registry especially for those of us who just want to relax and really enjoy our horses. I'm a beginner and I got lots of help from the pros!
Hey Peggy it looks like everyone did good. Katy looks like she's doing just fine out there. I just love those pics of CD when he jumps. He is so "into it" all the time. What an expression on his face. That is one good horse.

Sera looks lovely as usual. I just noticed something.....she has that same type of white streak coming up her back leg to her butt just like Nick, almost only his goes clean up to his butt on top. Do they have the same sire or something? Craig's Skip? What a co-incidence.
She sure is a knock out.
Congratulations on the show, no matter the placings, it's about having fun!

Looks like you did just that and the horses look great, too.

I, too, like the pics, they are crisp and great color, etc.

Liz M.
I agree! Photos are great, horses are great!

What kind of camera is that?


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