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Nov 30, 2002
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Here is our Miss Independance Day, happy birthday Indy! 1 year old today.


Then we have her full sister Carbon Copy sr mare.


and our little Sweet Tart 2 year old stallion.


Will put Shirley on the next post.

Thanks for letting me share. This was Hollis first mini show and she and her husband did AWSPOME with the pics and had them ready for most of us right away.

[SIZE=14pt]Last but not least my Shirley T making her show ring debut.[/SIZE]

Thanks Bruce for all your help!

Lynn - Great pics - thanks for sharing. I especially like the markings on Miss Independence Day's face and look at her move!!!! How tall is she?

I hope to go some R shows this year, so I hope we have a chance to meet.

Congrats on the Area show, and you have awesome horses.

[SIZE=14pt]Pam thanks for the compliments. Indy is 31.5 right now. Her sister was the same at a year old and carbon at 3 is still measuring 31.5. I do think tho that Indy is going to go about 33.[/SIZE]

I agree, they are all beautiful horses and the photography is pretty good too!

Beautiful Beautiful horses Lyn!!!!!!!!!!!

They have a lot of white to keep clean! Makes me tired thinking of all those baths.
Oh wow. Wonderful pics all around, but your Shirley is the spitting image of our Appendix mare--four socks, blaze, and all. I can't wait to see her comparison pics next year! Lovely!
[SIZE=14pt]Hey Crabby, they only get baths just before shows......the rest of the time they are dirt covered like any ole horse! Wisk and the bluing shampoo that the grey haired ladies use as well as a cream rinse that the same ladies use works wonders! Carbon is my worst for yellow tails! She also has a strip of chestnut in the end of her tail bone so there is within the white cascade a brown strip.[/SIZE]

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Very good pics Lyn!
And some very pretty horses to work with!
Oh my goodness!!! Lyn, I love all of your beautiful horses. Miss Shirley though....OMG that is what dreams are made of!! She is quite simply equisite in my eyes! She is just....danged near perfection! You have really gotten yourself a kick-tail show string going on there lady! I have really been considering bringing out my silver bay B mare that has a blaze and blue eyes like Shirley T...but with your horses....I might just leave my girl at home--or just do performance with her. The shetlands are really refining the show look I think--they have raised the bar in my opinion--at least the ones like yours!

[SIZE=14pt]Thank you so much Amy!Not many die hard mini only people would agree with you Shirley is only being shown as a shetland now tho. I will hardship her R when she is 3. Her dad is Cheryl Powells black and white stallion Chad who is a double reg 36 incher and her mom is a small shetland.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Lyn --[/SIZE]


Your horses look absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!

Hey, don't you need yourself a new avatar???

Your horses are all so beautiful! They are great pictures!
[SIZE=14pt]Thanks Jill for redoing my avitar! The new pics of the kids add alot.[/SIZE]

Today people were here visiting and tried their hardest to get me to sell them shirley and dice for sure! They now may take Howie and Lucky. They are wonderful people who show dogs, want two minis to show but dont want to breed so.... and close by to.... I gave them a price and cried after they left. They havent decided for sure. My girls are here to stay!

[SIZE=14pt]No Barnbum Bruce is taking the weekend off. They will go to Hookstown the following weekend and then the World Championships in Ohio on the 24th. Only Sweet Tart for sure for the worlds . Carbon is now in driving training.[/SIZE]


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