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Jan 15, 2008
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I was wondering if anyone has bought a show halter from Double Diamond. We usually buy ours from showtime tack, but was looking for something that looked nice, but was a little cheaper for a new gelding we bought. I was looking at the ones with the colored nosebands. I took a quick look at them at nationals last year, but not close enough. Bought this horse the week after. Anyone buy one, do you like it, and can you post pictures?

Most of my show halters are from Victor and I have several BKM, Designer, and Billy Royal ones as well -- so I didn't NEED any new show halters, however, couldn't resist the great buy from Double Diamond. Last fall, I ordered 2 in silver, 1 in blue, and 1 in gold "just because". I love these halters and I don't think you can beat the value and the are pretty halters. Here are pictures I took of the ones I have (only one of the silvers are pictured -- mine are both the same just different sizes). These halters were less than $50 and include the chin chains, leads, throat chains and conchos. I do not know how you can go wrong with a deal like these halters!!!



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Jim bought two from Double Diamond at Nationals last year. We love them.

In fact we are using those over the higher dollar ones we have.

Can you please email me the link to those halters?


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I have bought three of them !
One in blue and two sizes in the gold. I am really looking forward to getting to use them this summer when I start showing.


I ordered from them last year, and will again since I need show halters too, and my stuff was on my doorstep the very next day, course they are only one state away but I had no problem with them, fast efficient, and very courteous on the phone.

absolutely Love them.

I sure am glad you guys got this thread going. I don't show but have been wanting to buy a "pretty" halter or 2. I know where I'm gettin' 'em now!! Thanks!!! I was kinda surprised they don't have measuring instructions on the site (unless I over looked them) but I'll find them somewhere.
Thank you for the pictures. I will be putting it on a sorrel so I was thinking either the turquoise, the gold, or the blue. Although the purple was pretty. I thought the gold would be more versatile, but I have clothes that I wear in both royal blue and turquoise. The 3 horses I have are dapple grey pinto, a light palomino, and the sorrel. Any suggestions?

I have bought many things from Double Diamond and have been happy with it all. We really like their sheets and blankets. They seem to last the longest for us. I also liked the regular barn halters I bought from them at nationals last year. They are very good to deal with. Would suggest them to anyone!
Wow! Just bought a BKM halter. Didn't even know about these. Those are super nice looking!!! I'll have to keep those in mind next time.
We bought 2 show halters from them at Nationals along with other supplies as well and they have nice blankets and sheets for ponies also that are adjustable and open in the front, not closed front, their buckets are very reasonable, bucket ties, lead ropes. Nice stuff and very well made and reasonable priced as well. Dianna who I deal with and she is very nice to talk to.
I have bought three of them !
One in blue and two sizes in the gold. I am really looking forward to getting to use them this summer when I start showing.


Is this one blue or turquoise? It is very pretty with the sun shining on it.
I was actually looking at getting one or two of question though is would the part on the side where the chin cnain goes through look bulky on a horse with a less refined head?
Another question for you who have bought them. I notice they don't size them by anything but the length of the nose band. Do they tend to fit correctly over the poll??? My pony's nose measurement is only about an inch larger than the mini's, but his head is much longer....just wondering if one will be long enough for him.
I really like DD they are plesant to work with, very accomidating and their products are good quality. I love their turn out blankets. They wear very well and are extremely affordable. You should see their cute little foal blankets
When I opened the box all I could say was AAAAWWWW

It is amazing how many wonderful venders we have available now. It used to be soo hard to find anything mini, now we have such marvelous choices
and such a wide variety of items available.

to all you great mini tack companies

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