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Apr 17, 2004
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Shelley Idaho
What factors determine what AMHR or AMHA shows you will go to in a show season?





Please put in order or add any your want.


whitney said:
1. Distance2. Facility

3. Price

4. Judges


Distance I think will always be number 1. Facility and Price are very close to almost a tie. Judges always goes last lol.




i have found that all shows are pretty much the same price.
Distance is less of a factor for us, since we are used to driving up to 14 hours one-way to a show. Ok, we would PREFER closer shows,
but we won't rule out any within a day's drive.

Price is closely tied with the number of judges at the show. If there are more judges at one show than another, then the one with more judges is the one we'd prefer to go to. It ends up costing less to go to ONE show with three judges than it does to THREE shows with one judge each.

Facility-- as long as it is a covered arena (too wimpy to be out in the sun all day!) it doesn't really matter.

So for us,

Judges and Price are first



also, the club putting it on and the people involved are a factor. There is one club that you couldn't PAY ME to go to their shows. The people are rude and unfriendly. But there are other clubs, like the one I belong to here, and the one that Tammi is a big part of (and I joined that club too!) that are like a big party-- lots of fun!
Oh, I also want to say, that WHO the judges are doesn't really matter to me; I don't remember who "likes my horses" or who doesn't. (or didn't on that particular day). I always figure that there is a good reason why they didn't place us as well as I would have liked.

and around here, I've noticed a BIG difference in prices--- the California show I will be going to this weekend has a three-judge show for $30 a class, plus various other fees, but our local shows have three-judges for $15 a class. Guess which ones I prefer to show at!
hmmm interesting question well there is only one judge i wont show under and has nothing to do iwth my horses in fact i dont even remember how they placed my horses but i sure do remember how rude they were to not only adults but even worse the kids not acceptable to me at all!

distance is a factor as well as facility ,, affordable stalling is a big plus!
Distance for me is the #1 issue. Here in NJ I would have to drive 8 hours to go to a show up in North Jersey.....sooooo......have not been able to attend one in this state yet. The next state over which would be DE would take me about 3 hours or more one way....and since I don't have a live in farm sitter anymore for the weekends, makes it very difficult to stay away weekends. Next would be facility. The price and judges would not "yea or nay" me.
Distance first, then price. We usually only go to shows that have a flat fee as we show in lots of performance classes. Judges next, and last, facility. There are a few judges that I feel are rude and I won't show under them...guess Nationals doesn't count

Price....... gets my attention first. If the classes costs to much per class then we will take less horses OR we don't go and show at another show were the PRICE of classes and better. We love the shows that have a unlimited classes ( ie... $50 for as many classes per horse ) We end up showing more horses and really spending more $. But we get more classes and more showing for our $$$

The facility..... we attended a show and the facility was terrable, we had to make our own stalls , we paid $20 per stall and we had to clean them when we left.....We will NOT return !

distance... We travel up to 10 hrs or more

judges... judges will place me one show and not in the other.... so doesn't matter.
I'll be different

1.Judges, if I know something REALLY negative, I won't waste my money.



horsefeather said:
Distance first, then price.  We usually only go to shows that have a flat fee as we show in lots of performance classes.  Judges next, and last, facility.  There are a few judges that I feel are rude and I won't show under them...guess Nationals doesn't count


Too true for this year!!! I know there will be one judge at Nat's this year who will know EXACTLY who I am!
distance (not more than 2 1/2 hours away)

price. (but the shows we go to are $15 or $20 pre paid).

we do not do the stall thing.

And all judges think ours are too fat so that does not matter.

We started showing AMHA and AMHR, but are focusing more on the R shows. Your question is hard to answer as we have shows from 1 day to 4 day, so if it's a close 1 day show, the facility really doesn't matter nor the cost. The four day shows it really will depend on distance/facility over cost. There are a couple of judges that I wouldn't show under if we were being paid to show!

1. Judges - if they're one's we know and won't show under (if we don't know it would be #4!

2. Price - we have some extremely expensive fees for the A shows in California, so as we're still on the learning curve (really new to showing!) we don't show at many of those.

3. Distance - I won't travel more than 3-5 hours, except Regional/Nationals if it can be helped.

4. Facility
Well I am having trouble as I think a good miniature horse show should have all of the above......

To me in picking which shows to attend each year it is a combination of things........I for one Want a great facility, I don't want to have to show on the pavement while Breyerfest is in the indoor arena (had that happen at the horse park and we were showing in the rain), I don't want to have to be in stalls that have red clay for flooring, I don't really want to hike a mile from stalls to arena, indoor wash racks, seating for spectators, is the facility safe for the horses as far as stalls......ext......

Judges, it is their opinion on that day, but good horses are good horses, I am a person that if my horse goes out and does what I ask of it then I am happy with them, win or not. I do remember judges and what they like though.

Distance I have to travel to get to my shows so ............I really don't want a 15 hr trip, but I have went to several shows 10 hrs away, my "norm" is 6-7.

Cost - plain and simple showing horses is expensive, $10 more for a nice stall is so worth it to me.........the diffence in cost is "usually" minimal so not a huge thing. People have to think - is going to a show with less than avg facilities - and trashy stalls saving money?? when you have to put 4 bags of shavings in each stall to keep the horse clean??

It just depends on how I would rank them........I would go to a better facility with good judges that is far away than a close show held in a hole in the wall. I would pay more for a nice facility, friendly show staff, good manager, timely staff, good judges then others too.........
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I feel the way Erica does. I try to avoid certain venues, and have found one this year that I will avoid again unless there are no other shows near the same time.

There may be a few select judges I would avoid, but overall, that matters very little to me.

I dislike one judge shows unless it is a training show w/lower fees.

Distance is always an issue, as I will rarely travel too far to attend a show when there are many of them within a few hours of my home.

The facilities are always important. I would hesitate to show at an outdoor arena.

Prices also play a part as in relationship to how many judges, how far away, how nice the facility, etc.

Liz M.
Thanks guys,

I am printing out all your comments. We might have another club starting in over in another part of Idaho. wooohoooo They would like to put on a show but not sure what people are looking for. This gives our club and theirs an ideas.

Thanks Bunchs!

Keep your comments coming.