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Frizzle's Gal

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Feb 16, 2005
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I will be going to my first show and I dont exactly know what to wear. I will be entering halter, Halter jumper, and color class. This is not a big show just a local fair. If anyone can help that would be great!!
for my shows i wear a cowboy-hat, black pants, long sleave dress shirt, nice leather belt & small amouts of jewlery..(NOT THING THAT DANGELS! if your halter has gold rims or whatnot, wear gold to enhance it... small earings & necklase)

good luck & have fun!

Hey Morgan, you have seen my wardrobe, so I know what you are looking for in that. But I would honestly reccomend just wearing one of your nicest long sleeved shirts as well as a pair of nice black jeans and maybe a belt. Use a nice blazer if you hav one, as well as a pair of small earrings, or maybe a nice necklace.
Don't forget the shoes.
I would wear black boots or shoes with your outfit. Try to make them something comfortable. While no tennis shoes are the basic rule, I have seen what look like all black tennis shoes and no one has said anything.
If you are going to a fair make sure you read the rule book.

Our county fair requires you to wear Boots or Hard Shoes when handling a horse, and they will have you leave the ring if you have other things on your feet. (one guy tried going out with flip flops on
) Needless to say he was asked to leave.

Good luck.


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