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Nov 17, 2003
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North Dakota
Has anyone ever shown a adult miniature not body clipped?

I have a 4 year stallion ,I plan on showing next week. He is very slick and shiny now. I hate to body clip and loss all that golden color:((

I had to order new clippers and they late
just got here today so could not clip sooner.

I do plan on clipping just wanted to know if showing unclipped is posible. I know you can ...but could you place??
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I think it would depend on the competition you are up against, I always clip. Just my thing. I personally think you can see the lines better. JMO Do what makes you happy.
Yes, you can show unclipped and do well. My my avatar..was shown unclipped, but neatly trimmed. First time out, he got Champion and 2 Reserves in Stallion Halter at an Area II show.
xxs said:
Yes, you can show unclipped and do well.  My my avatar..was shown unclipped, but neatly trimmed.  First time out, he got Champion and 2 Reserves in Stallion Halter at an Area II show.

Good for you! THats what I was wondering? I do not think body clipping him would show more refinement on Ace( he on my avatar) and if I clip him now he will be a dull tan and brwon. Now he is golden buckskin with redbrown trim. Very pretty and shine like a golden coin! I was thinking of clipping legs and head ect like my arabs???
I have been showing mine with a summer coat. Mine are shinny and I show buckskins. If they get to long I clip with a size 7. In a day or two you won't see clipper marks. My stallion has received several grands and res champions with the summer coat. My palomino is shown with a summer coat and he wins his color class every time. I trim the nose , ears and the long hairs inder the jaw. Look at my web site.
I look at your web site! Your stallion is handsome silly!
Thay all are as far as that goes. Love that Dillon too.
I emailed you about your buckskin when you had him for sale....

I wanted him soooooooooooooooooooo bad

Thank you..... I LOVE MY BOYS.....
My gelding, Mingus, sheds out to an extremely shiny, short, beautiful red bay, so I don't clip him. Of course, we're just getting started. Our first show was in March, so I did a partial "goofy alpaca" clip and he got second. He misbehaved so badly at the Spanaway show that I doubt the judge even looked at him -- he was just a blur. Tomorrow we're showing at our county fair against the big horses.

In other words, you certainly can't judge from my experience, but I plan to keep showing him as he is.
I asked this question myself about my guy that had been clipped two months prior to the R show. Everyone here said "CLIP!" (except the ADS folks) but in the end I was glad I didn't. At that point his coat was still very short and fine but he finally had his color back and he ended up looking good next to the other horses. Now it's longer and I think I would definitely re-clip for any mini events.

I saw several stallions at the last AMHA show I attended as a spectator that had not been clipped, or at least not right before the show, and they looked every bit as good as the others. More so in my opinion because their coats were shiny and slick and had deep rich color. The owner of one black stallion told me she only clips this horse once at the start of each year just to get the winter woolies off, and he regularly goes champion in AMHA Stallion Halter. It can be done!

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I have not clipped this year, I have shown in full Summer coat all year and am about to show at the Royal International Horse Show next week with three horses in full Summer coat. I have trimmed legs, jowl and necklines, (Two are Black, which does help) that is all. I clipped them out of their winter coats with the coarsest blades I have, after that they have been rugged when needed and trimmed, that is all. I would wash him well, trim his legs and head, stick a slinky on him overnight and take a good look in the morning, I think you will be pleased with what you see.
It depends probably on the show you are going to... Many of my horses have much better color in their summer coats than in clipped coats. I showed my palomino who was a stallion then last year at one show in pretty much a natural coat but then at the show, I regretted that choice. ALL the other horses looked like pealed onions and I felt it looked like I did not choose to groom my horse to the same level.

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