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Dec 22, 2016
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Since I’ve started clipping this spring, I figured it would be fun to make this post. Just shows how hard it is to accurately judge a minis weight with a winter coat WITHOUT putting your hands on them. It’s fun to see how different they look haha. Let’s see your before and afters!

1. Yearing colt (in 2021)
2. My late 2021 filly now 4ish months
3. My 3 year old mare. She could stand to gain a couple pounds but she’s also in training for the show ring so want it to come as muscle and not fat lol.
4. My 10 year old herd sire in 100% pasture condition.


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It's a bit more of a dramatic change when they get more winter hair in the first place. Since, Elizabeth is in TX, hers probably don't get quite as hairy as mine in MT.
I think I have a couple of pics with before and after clipping.
The grulla is Monte. Pics taken late spring of his yearling year (same day).
The silver buckskin, a January pic and a July picture, no clipping.
I don't often take pics of pre and post clipping at the same time.
Mine aren't show horses, so not fitted up.


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