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May 2, 2005
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I am getting ready to order a show cart for my 37" single pleasure driving mare. I like the look of the open wheeled carts on single pleasure horses but I have had a hard time finding a B sized cart (52 inch shafts...) in an open wheel design.

Neither Jerald nor Houghton have open wheeled carts in B sizes listed on their websites, they only show closed wheeled ones (which I know meet the AMHR requirements for roadster but i still want an open wheeled cart). Is there anywhere else I can get an open wheeled one? Would either company make a custom cart?

Superior sulky has open wheeled B carts. Has anyone boiught a cart from them? or seen a cart from them? How does the quality compare?
I have a Jerald 49" shaft open wheeled cart I use for my Over driving horses and love it! By switching out the bike tires for the wooden ones and removing the patent basket cover, I can go from breed shows to Combined driving or Carriage shows. The mare in these pictures is SR Desert Sun, a 37" mare. (BTW. Sunny used this cart when she won Grand Champion Country Pleasure-Over at Nationals


Wow- you'd never guess thats a jerald cart looking at the first photo. It really looks different with those wheels and no basket cover.

Do show carts fit differently for you to be able to fit a 37" mare in an "a" cart?

or is your mare is of a body type that works with the shorter shafts?

My mare can't drive in an A sized practice cart (easy entry-jerald), the shafts are just way too short, yet that cart fits my 37" gelding just fine. I've never tried a show cart on either horse.
I think (but don't know for sure) if you contact Houghton (Don Baker, I think), they can make an open wheel cart in B size. I have an A size one but it does work fine on all my horses in my opinion (from 31.25" - 36"). I just love my Houghton and get lots of compliments on it and, so far, it's the ONLY deep plum show cart with a lavendar stripe at the shows I've been to... go figure! Here is it pictured with Lonesome pulling it. Lonesome is about 34.50 per my stick, and about 34.125 per the stewards' sticks...

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I have a 52" shaft Houghton also--it's closed wheel for roadster. I wanted a little more room for my Over horses when we hit "DRIVE ON!!" I agree with Jill; ask if they make it in an open wheel (I wasn't aware that they didn't).

Jerald makes 46" AND 49" inch shaft carts. I have had no problem with my Over horses in the 49" cart. The wood wheels are 30" tall and the bike tires are 24".

Wow- you'd never guess thats a jerald cart looking at the first photo. It really looks different with those wheels and no basket cover.
Yeah--pretty cool, huh?
Houghton does make an open wheel cart for miniature horses...some call them an open arch cart...Houghton calls them the Miniature Jogger...item #22. It is pictured on their website with wood wheels...but you can order it with chrome wheels. I would be happy to give you a price on one or order it for you if you want to email me privately at [email protected]

Their lead time is 4 weeks on a new cart, but I know they are building several getting ready for their booth at the AMHR might have one already done. I can check that easily too.

I have driven many styles/brands of carts and am very impressed with the quality and balance of the Houghtons...not to mention how beautiful their craftsmanship is.

If you have any questions, let me know. Connie

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