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May 22, 2007
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Sharpsburg MD
What is the minimum age to show a horse? Is there a maximum? Is it the same for both registries?

Thanks for the info!
in AMHR you can show a weanling (this year's foal). Foal must be registered by July 1st (unless born after that date.)

I do not know of a maximum age.
I don't think there is a minimum or maximum show age? If there is, it is news to me!!!
There is no age minimum or max set by amhr ..and i would think that is the same with amha, the Sr classes do not have a max age.

You will notice though that most of the foals breeders plan to show as weanlings, they are born earlier in the year on purpose
Aaahhh so that is why the winter babies! I am so glad to hear there is no limit cause, I have been laid up with 2 knee replacements in the last year(last 3/5). I can't wait to get stronge and get to some local shows. This is a new lease on life for me, I have been unable to show my horses cause you have to run alittle. Wanted to try halter 1st. Then get a cart and do some driving. I am so excited and can't wait to get out there and do some real training and try my hand at showing.

Don't think there is an age limit. There was a stallion in an aged class that was 18 and won the class. Age doesn't matter as long as they are healthy and look good. Most horses get retired at an older age becuase they've been showing their whole lives and get tired of it. I do know a cart horse that has been shown by MPC kids and he's close to 20.

I think (not sure), but the only way a horse cannot be shown is if it is publically retired at nationals.

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