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Jan 12, 2004
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I have been shopping around for a training harness for my shetland and also, pricing carts. I have looked on several sites, but wondering if I had missed any. So, if you guys have any favorite sites for shopping for your Shetland I would like to hear about them. Thanks in advance for your help.

don't forget to check Ebay....... I just bought a great pony saddle for $

bighorn from the early 1960's with a pretty red seat and nickel studs all over. Now to find a martingale and a studded bridle to go with it! heh heh.... Won't my dapple grey shetland gelding look like a dream wearing that ?
Robinson's Harness Shop in Holton, KS is also a good place to look. I know Otha does sell some on the LB Auction and if you do a search you can find their webpage pretty easy.
Thanks for the replys. I have been watching ebay, but kinda worried about the quality. I have gotten alot of nice stuff on ebay, but gotten some poor quality stuff too. Sometimes hard to tell from pics. I have bought from Ortha before and was pleased with the surcingle, so will most likely buy from her.

I have two pony size harness from Ozark Mountain that I just love. One is a working harness and one is a rolled leather show harness. They are wonderful!
Thanks Dana, they are nice harnesses. Just wanted to make sure I got good quality and one that fits my shetland properly. O.K., does anyone have any suggestions on a show halter for a shetland? I had found one site that had some nice ones with the throat latch and somehow I lost it.

Just look at Arab sites for show halters - weanling to yearling size depending on the size of your ponies head
The smaller sized Arab halters can often be found used too.
Thanks Lewella, would have never thought of that, lol!!!!


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