Shadow and SHammy are safely home

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Sep 23, 2004
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Straits Area Michigan
Carl and son in law left our place at 8:50 am last Sat. in a terrible Winter storm, snow, sleet, slush, wind you name it! After ALL that planning we couldn't believe it and we had NO options since they were meeting the new owners.

So after a six hour drive on slippery roads they all met up, switched the horse trailer from our truck to their vehicle and off they went for another 4 hr drive home to the Mustard seed Ranch.

I have pictures of them from the next morning but didn't post as I forgot to ask them and I will leave it up to them to do that but I will say they saw green grass for the first time in many many months through the fence.(No eating it they aren't used to it)..They trotted out kicking up their heels and it made us tear up to see pictures of them so happy.

They already had their vet check today and are having teeth done Thursday..could we even buy a better home for them?!!

Shadow still has his pulled muscle in his shoulder or whatever it is from the darn ice but they knew that and they are treating him for that,,I will ask if I can post pictures when we return but we are leaving tomorrow morning for Florida to sign papers on a little Park Model trailer which will now be our Winter home from now on:) Just a little cheapie but we're excited. AND we get to go see Shammy and Shadow sometimes so we're thrilled!

It's still very hard to go into the barn, and chore time still rings in our brain clock..but this too will pass.

Just thought I'd let you know how well it went and how grateful we are..we're dropping off Carl's Chariot he sold in Florida on our way through to Bradenton..

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Maxine, I am glad they got there safely, I am sure it was bittersweet for you all. Its good you can visit and I'm sure they will keep you in pictures and tell you what they are doing...

Your place in FL sounds great for the winter... Enjoy it next season, keep us posted how you all are doing...

How is Jeyn and Nic?? When does he come home?? I am always thinking of him over there...

Hi, yes they are here safely! Shadow is recuperating from a long trailer ride and they are both kicking up their heels and having a good time! They are enjoying the scenery! I will post a few pics later.

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