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May 27, 2004
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Southern California
Hello everyone! It's been ages, and it's been a fantastic series of stories, but that will need to wait for another thread.

We would like to train our 13yro division B mini "Firefly" to drive. She had a ton of groundwork done back before I bought her in 2004 (she's been a companion horse, and also spent 3 years as a professional therapy horse with a highly reputed local program), and stunningly, she remembers quite a bit. I've had her in a bit and harness and have had driving-enabling-friends help me out with basic commands, but as I need to learn the fine art of driving myself, I'm not comfortable doing anything more than walk-turn-whoa (her favorite gait). I really want a professional hand to do this, especially since my 6yro son wants so badly to drive her. We need lessons, and she needs finished training.

We are Southern California, 30mi east of LA. I've been riding as an adult for over a decade and rode all through my preteen-early teen years, but the world of driving is almost completely foreign to me. Leave it to my pony-driving neighbor and Clydesdale-driving OTHER neighbor (and begging 6yro son) to rein me in.

If this were hunter-jumper or Western lessons, I could name a dozen trainers practically in throwing distance. But driving minis? Um...

I'm looking for someone who will solidly finish her training, as well as someone to give me and my son lessons (on finished horses, of course, just like in the saddle). Feel free to PM me names if you'd prefer.

Thanks! Pics and stories coming in another thread later. :D

I'm in SoCal (orange county) and I recommend checking out Pacific Coast mini horse club. I can give references as needed. Some people give lessons and some take in horses. What are you looking for? You can email me at [email protected]
I'm also in So Cal in the high desert. Not sure where you are located, but there are some good trainers in Temecula, depending where you are. Feel free to PM me if you want.


Liz N.
I know of a good one but more in the Atascadero area....
Thanks everyone. My entire house has been hit by the flu, hard--102 fevers, joint pain, skin hurts, ugly cough, overall completely useless for 3-4 days--so I actually forgot about this post for a few. I'm finally over the worst of it, as are my 6yro and 3yro sons, but now hubby has it. We are a big ole house o' fun right now.

So, all that to say I haven't been able to follow up on this as I've been dealing with the just keeping everyone functional. Heh. But, you all have given me some good leads and info that I will follow up on once this thing blows over. Thank you so much!
Casey Campbell is a good one to look at and he has had some really nice recent sucesses at World and Nationals!. Never used him myself as we are in Texas, but know a couple of friends in Cal. that are happy with him. There are quite a few out there, Good Luck.
I have a great friend who is an awesome driving trainer (she owns a commercial carriage company) she's always helped me & Appy "tune up" and I'd trust her with any horse I owned! She's in Norco, CA. PM me for contact info (didn't know if I could post her website here or not.)

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