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Nov 30, 2002
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SW Oklahoma
It's that time again!

PLEASE read this carefully.

Secret Santa is where you sign up and agree to buy and send a $20 gift to a person who is assigned you.

The gift itself is a minimum $20 value, it does not include postage! It can be home made!

NO ONE knows where their gift will come from! A Santa will send you a gift. This is a ton of fun! Don't be left out!

One year one Santa emailed her person and told her what she was sending her. PLEASE don't do that, it ruins it for your person. Keep it SECRET!!

Here's what you do

EMAIL ME at [email protected] Make sure you add my email addy to your safe list and check your junk filter because I'm going to reply to your email so you know I got it.

When all entries are in, I will email you a name and address of someone
for you to get a gift for. (Around Nov.1st) Or earlier!!!

The gift is $20 in value. It can be home made.

DEAD LINE to enter is October 31st!
If you snooze, you loose! You have a whole month to sign up and if you miss out, I'm sorry.

We ask that you do not sign up to do this if you don't intend to follow through! In years past, there have been people hurt because they were not sent a gift. If you are under 18, please make sure you check with your parents that they can supply you with a gift of $20 value to send to your person. LISTEN If you cannot follow through, don't sign up.

GUESS WHAT? Anyone signing up and then not sending out a gift will BANNED from ever playing again. Yup, I have a list! Please, be good Santas!

We ask that you mail out your gift by December 1st to be sure to give packages plenty of time to get there during the busy mail season.

So many people made me feel bad last year because even though the SIGN UP POST WAS PINNED FOR A MONTH, they begged to be included after all the names were given out and it was too late. SIGN UP NOW before the deadline! Oct 31st

If you live in Canada and want to mail a gift only to someone in Canada, TELL ME AT THE TIME YOU SIGN UP. Same goes if you live in the USA and don't want to be a Santa to someone out of the USA. Keep in mind that we get people from Overseas that want to play too.

Once the names are given out, please follow through.

Here is what you need to send me at [email protected]

In this order!!!!

1. Name
2. Postal Address
3. Forum Name.
4. Email address

5. Where are you willing to send a gift TO? State if you want to only mail within your own country, USA/Canada, or International. Postage could be expensive.
6. Any preferences of gift from your Secret Santa? If you don't list things, I WILL come after you and ask you so please save me the work and just list things at the time of sign up!

6. PLEASE!! When you sign up, write down hints for your SANTA in the email to me!! I will pass the hints on when I give out the info.
7. Tell me where you prefer to be a Santa to.
USA or Canada
- means you're willing to be Santa for any, even overseas. Keep in mind postage can be expensive

WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Let's get the party started!

Since I have been in charge of this, I work VERY hard at making sure that no one is left out. I'm hoping that you all help me make sure that we have another year with 100% gifts gotten! If you can be an Elf (if needed) for someone who doesn't get a gift from their Santa, please let me know. Elves are awesome!

If you email me and you don't hear back within a day or two, email me again (remember, put my addy in your safe list!) or PM me here.

Ok get those emails titled SECRET SANTA rolling in! Remember, this is a $20 gift PLUS shipping!!

Nothing harder than getting a name of someone you don't know and having no idea of what they like! So be an Angel and give a hint!!!
If you need help or anything, just ask me! I'm great at the secret stuff!

Boyo oh boy oh boy!! I've been waiting for this! Wooopie, wahoo and all those other happy shouts!

(See me doing imaginary backflips and shakin' my tailfeathers. :) )
Been looking forward to seeing this Thread! Thanks for facilitating this another year!

Come on in and join the FUN!!! We have a blast with this every year!

Just send me an email with the list of info I asked for above to [email protected]

And When I get your info written in Santa's book, I'll reply to your email.

Then around Nov 1st I'll email you your person you're Santa to!
Have I replied to everyone who sent me a sign up email? I don't want to miss any one!
Hi everyone, Thank you Robin for letting me join in again even though I haven't been around for a while. This is so much fun.
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