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Nov 30, 2002
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SW Oklahoma
PLEASE post here when you GET your Secret Santa gift so I and your Santa know you got it.

I say this each year and still some people don't post.

You don't have to open your gift when you get it, but PLEASE POST HERE as soon as you get it THAT YOU GOT IT anyway!
That way your Santa knows you got it safely and *I* can mark you off my list.

I won't quit begging to know, and won't be happy until I know 100% that ALL people got a gift! Please don't make me hunt you down, shooting you with emails!

So.....Please have mercy on me and POST that you GOT your gift!

Post here that you got them and then post here again later to tell what you got after you open it and show us pics of your goodies! Yup, posting pics is the LB "law"! LOL
Seeing what everyone gets is the best part!

Please don't leave your Santa wondering if their gift got lost in the mail...POST HERE!

Every year I have people that get their gift and don't post and then their Santa asks me to ask them if they got it. That makes a ton of work for me. Most of the time I get the answer, "Yes I got it weeks ago but I'm waiting to open it".

We don't mind if you wait to open it, but PLEASE let us know you GOT it ok??

I hope everyone is enclosing a note so people know who to thank!

WHOOO HOOOO Here comes the fun part!!

It's ok to say that you SENT your pkg, but please don't post here to who or where it's going! Don't ruin the surprise!


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Yippee I got mine. Awesome gifts. Agility shirt, candy, calendar i love it.


Santa. All it said was Monroe,GA


Got mine today! Thank you Saleena! The vintage Christmas ornaments are absolutely gorgeous. I just love them!!!
I'm Santa to 2 people & I mailed one today and will mail the other one on Monday!
My gift was delivered today. My Santa wrapped the box before shipping it. I'd never thought to do that. Super cute AND I can't believe that the post office didn't destroy the wrapping in transit. It arrived in perfect condition. It's under the tree and waiting for me
Thank you!
I got my gift and I love it!!! Thank you so much! I wore my beautiful hand made scarf all weekend this was so very thoughtful! I loved participating in this!!

Lea I am so glad that you liked your gift as well it made me so happy to read your list!
I got mine 3 weeks ago .... just keep forgetting to post on here.

Sorry ?. Gonna wait til Christmas to open Very excited tho!

Thanks so much!!!

I sent mine out today !!!
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So...I must have been extra super special good this year, because a second package from my Santa arrived today!. Thank you so very much Saleena, your presents are beautiful and so very thoughtful. I am wearing the cozy cow socks, sipping the tea eating yummy chocolates now. The ornaments are beautiful and the peacock jewel box has earned a spot on my nightstand next to my other treasured possessions. Merry Christmas!!!
I got mine!! So excited but I'll wait till Christmas to open them and will come back and update this.

Upate 12.26.17:

My Secret Santa surprised me with BEAUTIFUL beaded bracelets, earrings.. Including a awesome peace sign pair, my favorite soy melts, and some fuzzy socks.

My Santa turned out to be Robin!! I am so thankful that I played this year, it was so much fun. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did.

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Thank you Miniappluvr for my beautiful gifts! Two bracelets and a beautiful DaVinci horse sketch. Merry Christmas to all!

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