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Nov 30, 2002
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SW Oklahoma
Each year after I send out the names, we have this thread!
Here we go!

Here is the yearly Secret Santa HINT THREAD!!! It's tradition!

Why?? For FUN, of course!!!

Yes, I sent your hints to your Santas, but some times you think of something to add. And SOME people didn't include any hints!

Well, what meanies!

COME ON!!!! Have a HEART, give a HINT!!!

Your Santa
s will be watching this thread to see if YOU (yes YOU!) posted something for them to read!

If you signed up, POST here NOW!!!

All names have been emailed out. If you didn't get yours, check your spam filter!

WHEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Here we go!!!!! HO HO HO!!!!


As always, if you need help with anything, email ME and I'll help! If you do email, PLEASE include your forum name so I know who you are!!!!!

If you have not answered me that you got my "name email" please do reply! If you didn't get my email, look in your junk folder! If you still can't find it, email me with your forum name and I'll send it again! [email protected]




Anything you thought of that you forgot to put?


If you want to see last years thread here it is

And here is this years sign up thread if you want it

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I know I sent a number of hints and wishes, but I think I might be able to add a few more. I get cold easy in the winter. I love soft sweat shirt fleecy tops to cuddle in, usually medium to large. Large are usually a bit big and baggy on me; but I like to layer in winter. I am 'bummed up' with a bad ankle this winter-so I don't/won't get to see much of my 'fellas' (poor H. -he is doing heavy duty this year), so maybe a gift card for Barnes & Noble bookstore or Amazon so I can get some reading material (I have lots of books-hard to pinpoint a title or author for you). Anything cozy, cuddly or soothing????
Hints for my secret santa~ I love horsie stuff! Especially appaloosa, pinto and pintaloosas, love blue eyed horses. Horse fabric is good, NOT fabric with boots, hats, saddles or cowboys, but just pretty horses. I like horse socks. (for me) My favorite colors are purples and teals... I wear a size medium in womens shirts, unless it runs small... if it is a "juniors" size then an XL, don't care for the mens cut shirts, I like a more stretchy fitted womens style. I like crosses, and horses with crosses, crosses with wings, crosses with bling, pistols and pistols with bling... Patriotic Horses (my b-day is the 4th of July) Homemade soaps...

Thanks! :)
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I heard thru the grapevine that my Secret Santa wanted some information. My favorite colors: red and blue. Favorite books to read: pretty much anything except a romance novel. I love science fiction, historical novels, a good "who done it", (pretty much I go to the resale store or flea market and get whatever looks good). Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised and what I can get for $1. LOL And there is something about holding a real book in your hand, just not the same with an e-book (know what I mean?)
I've already been busy doing mega many emails back and forth asking for more hints when Santas are asking me. So I love when everyone posts here! Saves me many hours of further work

If I think of any more, I'll post here too.
I can't remember what I put in my e-mail for hints, so I put up a few here, some may be repeats or not.

Love chocolate to eat, just NO peanuts (love almonds, so they'd be ok). My favorite color is blue, mostly royal blue. I wear XL. My horses are mostly B-size, so mostly wear XL mini halters (I have a small stallion that wears like a medium, my two smallest mares still wear large halters). Everyone has their own color halters, but Navy works for anyone. I prefer extra long lead ropes, like at least 8' long, 10' is even better. I love Australian Shepherds (lost my best girl a few years ago). I like to quilt, have a pretty good stash of fabric, but horse prints are always a nice addition. Please no candles or such, I have plenty (family has been buying me candles, and with house cats, I can only use them at certain times).
I put several hints in when I signed up as well. I did forget to add that I wear a large women's shirt. We literally have every size horse there is, from A size foals all the way through to my 16.2 hand AQHA stallion. We have solids and pintos in a wide variety of colors. I LOVE history and learning about new places. I live year round in Florida so rarely wear sweats/sweaters or scarves. We do travel a bit to visit the horses/family in NC. We are very outdoorsy people. The best present would be one that tells me about you and where you live. That would be so cool!
I love anything horse related. I collect snowman I love mugs to drink out of.

I will be happy with anything. The only colour I don't like is red.

I have weanlings right up to draft size miniatures. I love appy's and pinto's.
Hey all!! I cant believe it is that time of yr already!!

I gave tons of hints but I am easy. I love my mini horses and my border collies. I do dog agility and love to spend my free time playing w the dogs. Would love anything dog agility related- like- tshirt (size large), earrings, socks, hat or even gloves

If you cant find anything agility related, a candle (any scent)or lotions will do:))

Thanks and anything from the heart will do!!!


aka zoey829
I gave a load of hints to my SS but I'm sure I can think of something else! LOL!

I drink a lot of coffee so some coffee or a cool mug would be great. My house is done in a shabby, antiquey, country theme(
Hopefully that makes sense LOL). I'd love a cool clock for my barn! Something strange and unique would be fun! I have a plug so battery or electric would be great! I love the halters that CMHR has!!!! My girls have fat heads (shhh don't tell them I said that
) so xl size would be great. Love love love chickens and have quite a few so anything chick or roo related would be cool. I like neat things that I could hang in/on my coop or barn. I quilt/sew alot! So I'd LOVE some fabric to ad to my stash! Pick out what you like!!! I LOVE ALL FABRIC! So get creative and pick out what grabs your eye!!(does not have to be horsey related! Anything you like, I'll like!) I'm a HUGE hand sanitizer user! I put those big pump ones, that make your hands smell good, all over my house, so any "smell good" kind would be great! I also like those little body sprays from Bath and Body. ANY SMELL! I LIKE THEM ALL!! LOL!!

Thanks in advance SS! I'm not picky! I will love what ever you pick out as long as it comes from your SS heart!!
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i love any thing horse related, im a huge chocolate and coffee lover. also a dog lover we have more dogs than most people lol. i love the color blue, and pink. we show in halter, driving and jumping....

oh and im a christmas lover.. ornaments... decorations... lol we put up 6-8 trees each year and would love ornaments from my santas area!!!

im easy to please ... no floral things, no perfumes or lotions i have skin issues and have to use specific things. itunes gift card would be nice too!
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Not sure what hints I gave but lets see here, I love the color Royal Blue and Silver, Im an avid coffee drinking,drinking a number of cups a day lol,Love my horses and love things that have to do with wolves.Love my dogs, like to read steven king books, would really like to find one of those book reading lamps or something along those lines.I love the smell of coconut Love coconut candles and soaps kinda hard to find but love the smell. hope this helps
I gave a few hints, but there's always a few things I forget! My farm colors are royal blue and silver. I love little horse and buggie figurines. My favorite candies are caramels. A book I could share with my grandkids would be sweet too!
Can't really remember what I put in my email. I use a lot of throw blankets. Our house is always cold so I wrap one around me and one around my dog a lot of the time. I can always use a new tshirt in size 2x. I would like a new pair of socks. I wear socks 24/7 all winter long--sometimes two pair. Our floors are cold. I wear a size 11/12 shoe so need the larger women's size if possible. I do like milk chocolate in almost anything. Not dark chocolate though. A nice pair of gloves always come in handy. Not real bulky ones though so I can wear them to drive truck. Don't usually wear scarves ect. I do like pretty hair barrettes. I am 58 so I can't really wear silly ones, but will wear flowers ect. I do a lot of baking and love the silicone cupcake cups. I have a set of 2" square ones and use them all the time, but there aren't enough so I have to wait to make the next batch of anything. Other things I can use in my kitchen are a nice, handheld, cheese slicer and a set of measuring spoons. I don't drink coffee or most any other drink. I am pretty basic. Only hot chocolate, water and dt mt dew. All I can think of right now.
Not sure what was in email so will list all I can think of. Like and use soft throws all winter long. Also can use tshirts in size xl and lounge pants in size large. Milk chocolate is always good as are chocolate chip cookies. I like word find books but not any other kind of puzzle book. A baseball cap always comes in handy--just do not care for green. If you want to get a halter for my minis, they mostly need x-large and color is not important because we use lots of different ones in our barn. My little dog loves to play with small toys--especially ones with the squeaky thing inside. I can also use wax for my melting pot in homey scents--not flowery. All I can think of for now.
I don't know what I put in my email, probably nothing!

I love lime green and bright pink together, I have two whippets and two Japanese chins along with my pony. I love stuff from other places, and collect refrigerator magnets from everywhere. I'm not much of a snack person, but my dogs and pony are, they'll even eat each others snacks. I'm not much for candles or smell good stuff either due to allergies. Jake, my pony, is a bay and white tovero pinto with blue eyes. About the only thing he needs is a small size sleazy hood. I also love handmade stuff, and fleece blankies. There's never enough of those here in chilly Washington.

Will be sending my gift out next week!

Watch out everyone! It could be heading your way!
I gave some hints, hmm other hints.

Hoodies for minis

The book Outstanding Miniature Horse Stallions past and present or the mare version

I had mentioned blankets, need a 40" or 42" more than any other blanket

Always could use lead ropes and halters

Horse shampoo, and other cleaning items or show sheen would be handy

mini leg wraps

team lines

like candy/chocolate

Anything you get me SS will be enjoyed. I like surprises too.
I know I put this list (I like to give lots of hints so they know me better LOL)

No candy. No candles or smelly things.
I love all kinda of things!
I adore & collect coffee mugs! Especially if they have my Pooka or Nort on it!
Love things like Nightmare before Christmas type art, skeletons, ghosts. Off the wall things.
Pink Panther cartoon.
I love Archie comics digests!
I always need lead ropes.
I love LOVE cats.
I love unusual antique figural salt & pepper shakers.
Gift card to CD universe, hobby lobby.
Love Titanic, Not the movie, the ship.
Favorite color is sky blue. Gold.
Plush horses & cats.
I do wear earrings. LOVE BLING.
I wear make up and my hair is 50" long.
I'm not into cutsie pie baby doll type stuff.

But I forgot a few things LOL! (what, the kitchen sink?)
Fridge magnets!!!
KLIBAN CATS!!!! (google it or ebay search to see what that is)
Painted ponies
Silly toys to make me laugh (I'm a goofy gal)
gloves, a warm slouchy hat
**A Christmas ornament from my Santa would be great!
We have cats and also two dogs. Roxy-Anatolian & Patrick-Great Pyr (rescue dogs)
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