Ringo... I can't help it....gonna try again.

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Oct 8, 2003
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As we go into another winter I can't help myself. I'm going to try for Ringo one more time. Sometimes a horse comes into your life and changes everything. This little man is one of those.

Please......I beg you to send positive, loving thoughts to Ringo and my sister. Ringo is a healer and has much to teach a lot of people. From the moment I saw him several years ago I just knew he would change lives. I didn't think he would suffer so much but there is always hope.
Of course he is in our thoughts. He hasn't ever left them. Prayers with you and Ringo.
May I ask about him? His history with you...


(If I am not being too nosey)
jdomep said:
May I ask about him? His history with you...Thanks

(If I am not being too nosey)
You're not and thanks for wanting to know more about him.

If you do a search under my screen name or for "Ringo" in this rescue forum you can read his story. He's been a horse that has changed my life even though I lost a lot. He was worth it.
We are all still with you and Ringo. I pray things will go better this time.

I guess if I asked you to be careful that wouldn't do any good. But becareful anyhow.

Now, what's the plan?

Hopefully with enough possitive energy from all of us you can pull it off.
I just read all you past posts on him and all I have to say is that "You are the healer" what an awesome person you must be to endure what you have! You need each other and I sure hope it works out!!

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